[VIDEO]Mullayanagiri Sammera Reddy Climbs Karnataka Highest Peak With Her 2 Month Daughter Nyra

It has been two months since she became a mother to Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy and she has returned to action again. Sameera gave birth to daughter Naira only two months ago, but right now Sameera is not just resting, but is seen in full action. Yes, recently Sameera Reddy has shared a video, in which she is having fun on the highest hill in Karnataka.

Sameera herself made a selfie video and posted it on Instagram. The most important thing is that she has not gone alone to this inaccessible place, but also has her two-month-old daughter with her. Sameera has again become the subject of discussion due to her going to such a height with her two-month-old daughter. It is seen in the video that she is with her two-month-old baby girl at Multayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka.

Posting this video, Sameera wrote, ‘I tried to climb Mullanagiri peak with my two-month-old daughter Naira. I had to stop at some places in the middle, because I was having trouble breathing. Height of 6,300 feet … It is the highest peak in Karnataka. Recently, messages are coming from mother-turned-women that she is being inspired to travel. Very happy to see my story getting positive response. It is easy to feel tired after the birth of a child, but I have decided not to feel that way myself.

A beautiful view is also seen in the video from such a height. Let me tell you that since the birth of Naira, Sameera Reddy is very active on Instagram and constantly uploads pictures and videos of her daughter. Sameera tell that Sameera also has a son. He gave information about this after sharing a photo after the birth of the daughter.


Attempted climbing to Mullayanagiri Peak with Nyra strapped on! I stopped midway cos I was so out of breath ! 6300 ft high it’s the tallest Peak in Karnataka! So many messages from New moms saying they are inspired to travel & I’m thrilled my travel stories are getting such a positive response! It’s very easy to feel low post baby & I’m super determined to not let it get me down! 🏃‍♀️ for moms asking I did not express I just fed her on demand everywhere! Less fuss and easy to travel this way ! 🌟.


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