Vidya 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Avtaar saying I didn’t tell you anything, since you would worry, you also covered a truth right, we are simple people, we should stay away from all this, else our lives will get complicated. Vidya says Vivek won’t get his truth out until he gets a proof against Nanku, if you have seen the entire truth, why didn’t you bring it out, Nanku is fooling the people. Avtaar says I m an ordinary minister, Nanku has much support, I m scared of him, I can’t do anything, if you tell the police that you were with Vivek that day, this news will spread around, people will declare you characterless and talk rubbish, then you will face Nanku Singh, you can’t fight Nanku, try to understand me.

Vivek says ask them to apply more pressure. He holds his finger grip tight. Vidya sees thebanner and thinks of Vivek. The kid asks Vidya is she going to watch Ram leela. They ask Vidya about Ram killing Raavan, why do they burn Raavan on the day of Dussehra. Vidya says Ram is a symbol of goodness, Raavan is a symbol of evil, Dussehra signs that good always wins over evil, we burn Raavan so that we pass the message to people, that they end their inner evil, like anger, jealous, fraud, lies and many other evil. The kid asks does the evil end today. Vidya says yes, everyone makes a new start today. The kid says fine, we will also end the evil. The kid says teachers are like Lord. Vidya thinks I have to end the bad things in me. She prays. Vivek runs from the lockup. Constables try to catch him. Nanku Singh comes there. Constables catch Vivek.

Vivek and Nanku argue. Nanku insults them and asks how dare you trap Ranjana, I will trap you forever. Vivek says you can do anything, but I will come out of the trap, I m not trapping Ranjana, she is running after me, she had invited me, your face would have got blackened, I swear I didn’t even touch her. Nanku gets angry and scolds him. Vidya comes and says stop, when DM Sharma left from Avtaar’s house and got killed, Prem was with me. They get shocked.

Vidya says if he was with me that time, how could he kill Sharma ji. SP asks do you know what you are saying, its a murder case. Vidya gets tensed. She says yes, I know, the truth will be out. Vivek smiles. Vidya says no innocent person will get punished, Prem was with me, he can’t go after DM Sharma. SP asks will you come to give statement in the court. She says yes. Nanku says you are bahu of a decent family, will you go to court against me, are you not scared of me.

Vidya says I have got rid of my fears, I have ended my fears. Vivek claps for her. He says truth has won today, amazing. Nanku says you may face something, you came here for a stranger, you think again of the defamation. Vivek says she has thought about it and came here, why are you trying to change her thinking. He says I was with Vidya that time, it means I m innocent. Vivek gets freed and goes out to Vidya. He says I knew you will come to help me, you got enmity with Nanku, I will protect you, this is my promise to you, you proved that you are with me in this fight, right? He forwards hand. She folds hands. He smiles and turns away.

He says you are an english teacher and still down to earth, anyways, its going to be evening, be careful and go home, bye. She says bye… He goes. She says down to earth….. Bablu is washing clothes. Amma gets tired of work. The people come home and tell Dharma about Vidya’s statement to save Prem, she was with Prem when DM was killed. They get shocked. Dharma says its a lie. The people insult Dharma and go. Dharma says Vidya ruined our respect, she didn’t do this wrong, the people threatened us, don’t know what will they do, let Vidya come today, I will see her.

Precap: Vidya comes to Nanku. Nanku says Vidya has no status in front of me. Vidya slaps Nanku. Vivek looks on.


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