Vidya 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Santosh asking Vidya was she overhearing their talks. Vidya says no, I was teaching the kids. Santosh says fine, kids when did she come to class. They say just now. Santosh asks Vidya to tell the truth, did she hear them. Bablu comes there. He asks why did you come without telling us. He says you forgot the food and medicines. He says Vidya is much unwell and fainted yesterday. Santosh asks her to go home and rest, its big thing that she got 100 kids admission done. Bablu leaves. Vidya is tensed. Prem is at the temple. He gives money to the workers. He gets Ranjana’s call. She flirts with him. She asks him to meet her. He agrees. He sees Vidya and tries to stop her. He shouts and she stops. He says I helped you, I thought you will take me home to feed me home. She thanks him for the help. She asks him not to follow her, what will people think. He asks what will people think, they don’t understand anything.

Nanku and Jagat see them. Jagat asks him not to get mad after a girl. Nanku says I always got what I wanted. Prem holds her hand. She asks him to leave her, she is a widow. Nanku gets angry. Vidya cries and says have some shame, thanks for help but don’t give me Gyaan, don’t increase my problems. Prem apologizes. Nanku asks Jagat to tell his men to hit this guy. Jagat says sure. He calls the men and asks them to knock down the guy. The car goes to hit Prem. Prem jumps high and gets saved. The car hits somewhere. Nanku and his goons surround Prem. Nanku asks are you fine. He starts a drama and scolds his men. Prem says let it be, nothing to worry. Nanku says your safety is my responsibility, till when will you stay here. Prem says I liked your Devgarh a lot, I m thinking to settle here. Nanku asks what did you like here. Prem says everything.

Nanku asks what’s your name. Prem praises him. Nanku sweetly warns him. He asks him not to follow the women, he got saved by fate today, but be careful before any other accident happens. Vidya comes home. Avtaar asks her to sit. He asks how are you now. Vidya sits quiet. He says tell me, did these people pressurize you for admission of 100 kids, they are saying they didn’t tell anything, just tell me once, don’t be scared of them. They fold hands and sign no. Avtaar asks her to say.

Vidya says no, I went by my wish, I thought if kids study, they can do something, a life of illiterate person is tough. Avtaar says you are saving these people, they are greedy, they can sell you. Dharma says Vidya is my bahu. Avtaar scolds him. Vidya says I got to know something. She tells everything she heard. They get shocked. Prem asks are you angry, you are threatening me. Nanku says no, I m just explaining you, be careful, don’t do anything that you need to face my anger, Devgarh is my family, you take care of yourself. Prem says I trust myself, you can take me for your protection, shall I show a demo, I will beat your men right now. Nanku asks can you beat them alone. Prem says yes, no one can hurt me. Nanku laughs and says you want to send me to jail, if anything happens to you, then it will be a problem. Prem says just try me, I will manage. Nanku says then join me, leave this drama company. He asks his men to beat him a lot, he will give them money. He sits watching. Avtaar scolds Dharma. He asks Vidya not to get into this matter, Nanku changes colors, he kills his enemies.

Precap: The girl says I also want to study. Tripathi asks them to arrange books and uniform. He laughs. Vidya feels bad. Tiwari keeps the money in locker.


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