Vidya 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Prem beating the goons. Nanku gets angry. Prem talks to the goon. Nanku asks goon to beat Prem. Prem talks to the goons in their local language and tricks them. Prem asks Nanku did he hire fake foreigners also. Prem beats the goons further. He asks Nanku to call him if he needs help. He goes. Jagat asks shall we hire him, he is courageous. Nanku says he challenged me, he made fun of me, he is someone who won’t get scared of me, I feel that he isn’t one who he appears, a drama company man can’t be so sharp, keep an eye on him.

Nanku’s wife asks him not to trouble a widow, she is a martyr’s widow. Nanku says thanks Kalindi, you stopped me from doing a sin, its not Vidya’s fault that she became a widow in this age, I should do something to make her life better, I will give you divorce and marry her. She gets shocked. He scolds her. He gets Charulata’s call. She says I have opened the account in bank and informed the official, you will get money tomorrow. He says fine. Its morning, Tiwari says everyone got admitted in the school, just get books and uniform. The man asks how will we get money for education. Santosh asks him to get money to educate kids. Tiwari says you have to get their books, its mandatory. The man says we can’t educate them, why don’t we get free education. Tripathi says govt is already given them free food and education, you have to get books and uniform for them. Vidya thinks. The people say we will educate our kids. Tripathi asks them to take loans and educate kids.

The people leave. The girl says I also want to study. The lady says you can’t study, I have no money. Vidya recalls her childhood. Nanku acts good. Dadi asks did you fight with Kalindi, she looks upset. He asks did she say anything. He asks Kalindi did I fight with you. Kalindi says no. Nanku says she wanted to go to Maayka, I refused to her, so she is upset, she can go. Kalindi says no. Dadi asks her to go and come. He says you can go for few days, are you happy now. He goes. Dadi asks are you happy now. The lady says Kalindi is lucky to get a husband like Nanku. Kalindi cries.

Vidya sees Tiwari keeping 10 lakhs in the locker. Vidya looks on. Nanku asks Kalindi not to tell anyone, he keeps everyone happy and does things to get happiness outside. Kalindi apologizes to him. He asks her to fold hands and touch his feet. She cries and does as he says. He says fine now, don’t lecture me, you know I get angry when I don’t get what I wish. He hugs her. He gets a call. Tiwari says I received 10 lakhs, meet me at school tomorrow. Nanku says yes, we will meet tomorrow. Vidya comes to the class. Kids greet her. The kid says maybe she is thinking what to teach, she didn’t teach an alphabet. The girl asks Vidya to teach them. They ask Vidya to teach them. Vidya gets worried and thinks of Tiwari and kids’ parents.

Precap: Vidya sees Prem and Ranjana. She goes to get the keys. She takes the money from the locker.


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