Vidya 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ranjana scolding Santosh. She asks her to leave. He pays her money. Vidya hides and looks on. Prem comes. Santosh asks him to go in, Ranjana is waiting. Vidya comes out of the room. Ranjana says I m here and takes Prem with him. She flirts with him. Vidya goes there and sees them together. She turns away. She thinks what are they doing. Ranjana gets close to Prem. They smile. Vidya sees the office locked. She goes to get keys. Prem says I think your intention is bad. Ranjana says you look smart, you understood my intention. He asks why did you call me. She says you are very fast. Vidya sees the keys.

Bablu goes the work. Amma asks him to sweep the floor properly. He says I m doing as much as I can do. Dharma asks her to work as well. He asks her to cook food. Bablu says I won’t sweep now. Nanku comes there and smiles. He greets them and asks for Vidya. Dharma says she didn’t return from the school. Nanku sees Ram’s pic on the wall. He greets him. He asks is this Ram’s pic. Dharma says yes. Nanku does a drama. He says don’t think Ram died, I m Ram for you all and Vidya now.

Dharma worries. Nanku gives him money. He says I will give you money every month, so that you don’t miss Ram. Vidya tries to get keys. Ranjana flirts with Prem. She sings for him. She says I have fallen in love with you. Prem laughs and says these days, love doesn’t look like love, it looks like a fever, it comes and goes to people like you, there is no value of I love you, there is no feeling, you are misunderstanding me, I don’t love you, this place is a temple of education, you should just do good things in temple. She looks at him. Vidya goes to open the locker. She takes the money and feels sorry. Nanku says lets make it 15000, I will keep my promise. Dharma gets happy. Amma goes to make tea. Vidya sees Ranjana hugging Prem. She goes.

Ranjana says I love you a lot. Prem says get away, let me go, did you go mad. She says yes, I m Nanku’s only sister, I can get the village here by shouting. He says fine, I can also shout, I will leave, you have to stay here, they will ask you, Nanku has respect, it will end because of you, I m an artist, I entertain hearts, I don’t play with hearts, find someone else for your fun. He goes.

Avtaar says I m not the politician to just please people, I serve the people. He helps some people. Vidya comes to his house. He asks her to come in. She gives him the money envelope. He gets shocked seeing money. He sends the guards out. She asks how did you get so much money. Vidya says I didn’t get it, I have stolen it from the school. He gets shocked. Santosh comes. She sees Ranjana and smiles. Ranjana scolds her. Santosh asks for keys. Ranjana says I don’t know. She goes. Santosh says maybe her work didn’t happen, so she is angry. She sees the office door open. She sees the locker open. She gets shocked seeing money gone. Avtaar asks why did you steal. Vidya says its not school’s money, its funds for poor kids, its necessary for kids, that’s why I got this to you. Nanku asks Dharma to sit. Dharma asks him to have biscuit. Avtaar says its not easy, when Nanku knows this, he will create a storm, its Nanku’s money, he won’t tolerate this. Jagat comes and tells this to Nanku. Nanku gets shocked.

Precap: Vidya says I didn’t steal the money. Tiwari says I trust Santosh. Nanku says the lock wasn’t broken, someone opened it. Vidya comes home and sees Prem.


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