Vidya 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vidya happily playing with the kids. She wins and smiles. She leaves. Avtaar gives money to DM and says Vidya shouldn’t get troubled now. DM checks the envelope and says this money was stolen from the school, I understood this. Avtaar worries. Dharma scolds Vidya’s dad. He argues with Vidya’s dad and brother. Bablu tells them everything. Vidya’s family worries. Vidya comes to the temple. She prays and thanks Maiyya. She says DM also praised that I have taught the kids well. She sees Prem coming to pray. She turns away and goes. Prem sees her going. He stops her. She leaves on her cycle.

DM says whenever money is sent to school, bank manager writes the number on the envelope, he had messaged the same to us. Avtaar worries. DM says you taught me about honesty, how did you get this envelope, tell me, I was wrong to fight with Nanku. Prem asks Vidya to listen to him. Her cycle falls down. She leaves the cycle and runs. Prem thinks matter is serious, I have to find out.

Dharma asks Vidya’s dad where is he going. Vidya’s dad asks him to bear it now, since they made Vidya work. Vidya’s mum says its not Vidya’s mistake. They hear the police siren. They see the police coming. Everyone hides. Maa ji also acts to faint. Vidya’s mum looks on. She gets caught. Inspector comes to buy something from the shop and goes. Dharma and everyone come out. Their arguments go on. Vidya’s mum cries and asks them to stop it. She says no one cares for Vidya, you all got greedy for money. Vidya comes to meet Avtaar. Prem follows her. A man looks on. Prem thinks why did Vidya come there.

DM asks will you tell me or shall I tell Nanku Singh about it. Vidya comes and asks Avtaar to save her from Prem, he is asking about the envelope which she had stolen from the school. DM hears everything. Avtaar signs her to stop. DM claps and comes to her. He scolds them. Avtaar says Vidya’s intention was good, she got the money for the kids, I have got the books and uniforms to distribute to the kids, I can give you more money, this matter should end here. DM asks can I live in peace after retirement by getting enmity with Nanku, he will give me more money, you deal with Nanku. Avtaar asks him to listen. DM leaves. A man follows him.

Avtaar asks Vidya to go home, he will go after DM. He asks Vidya not to take tension. Vidya leaves. Prem looks on. Avtaar thinks to stop DM. Vidya comes to take her cycle. Prem gets her cycle and says I was waiting for you, take your cycle, what’s happening here, tell something, you are hiding a big thing from me. Vidya asks what do you want to know, truth. He says yes. She says I m also fed up of running, the truth is, the envelope which you have seen had 10 lakhs rupees, I had stolen it from the school. He gets shocked.

Precap: Prem says I had to know all the troubles in Dev Garh, I m not Prem Pratap, but Vivek Vardaan Singh, the new district magistrate.


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