Vidya 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vidya saying I have stolen the money as Nanku was taking the money from the kids’ parents, the parents were saying they will take loans for the kids, I was just helping the kids, if you ask me for money to hide truth, I can’t give you money, I have nothing to give you. She goes. Prem stops her. Avtaar follows DM. Nanku’s men catch DM. DM says leave me, I m going to Nanku only. The men throw his phone and kidnap him. Bablu comes and says Avtaar isn’t at home, Vidya went there, DM was also there, don’t know what happened there. Dharma worries. Vidya’s mum cries and locks them up. She says I will tell everyone that you all made Vidya do this. DM is taken to Nanku. Avtaar looks on. Nanku slaps DM. DM says forgive me, I was going to tell you. Nanku says you won’t say anything

now. Jagat says beat him well, I will take his car. Nanku beats up DM and says you called me a liar. Jagat says hide the car in garage and then sell its parts. He sees the envelope inside. He takes it and checks. Nanku throws DM in the lake. Jagat checks the envelope. Nanku smiles seeing the crocodile coming. Avtaar looks on shocked.
Jagat shouts to Nanku and shows the money envelope. Avtaar gets shocked and thinks now I will get exposed. Prem says look I have to know all the problems in Devgarh so I troubled you, I don’t want money, I will tell you, my name is not Prem Pratap Banaraswala, but Vivek Vardhan Singh, Azamgarh’s new district magistrate. Vidya gets shocked.

Vidya thinks of DM’s words. She thinks of Prem’s words. Jagat shows the envelope to Nanku. Nanku gets shocked seeing the money inside it. He says how did DM get this envelop. He asks the men to get DM out. The men get DM out of the lake. DM is taken away by the crocodile. Avtaar looks on. Nanku says I don’t understand how Sharma got this envelope, was he wanting to tell us about thief. Jagat asks him to think about this at home. Vivek says I m taking DM Sharma’s post, I had kept an eye on your school, I have seen you working hard in the school, you have worked hard, everyone else were not concerned, I was just doing my duty, forgive me if you felt bad, people call system bad, system is made for common people, much wrong is happening here in Nanku’s rule, he doesn’t leave any proof, he either bribes people or disappears people, a qualified PWD officer also disappeared some days back, you have to tell me what happens in the school, the kids will make us proud tomorrow, so will you help me in getting proof against Nanku.

Vidya says I can’t help you. She says I can understand, you can’t get enmity with Nanku, you have to show courage, I m asking you help, you took the step of theft to save kids’ future, I can register case against Nanku, I don’t want you to fall in trouble that your courage breaks, if educated people like you don’t come ahead, Nanku will snatch everything from them. She says forgive me, I can’t help. She thinks I m not able to help myself, what will happen when you learn that I m an illiterate. She slips. He holds her hand and pulls her. They fall down. She leaves. Dharma argues with Vidya’s dad. Nanku stops Vidya. She gets tensed. He greets her. She thinks DM didn’t tell him anything. He says I will drop you home. She folds hands. He says I always want to help you, but you want to run away from me. She says I don’t need any help, I m fine, I know you are acting good, but I know your truth, don’t help me, don’t cross limits, stay away. She goes. He thinks she couldn’t speak in front of me, now she is answering me. Jagat asks him to focus on him also. He says DM went to Avtaar’s house, Vidya also went there, then DM left from there, there were planning something together. Nanku thinks.

Avtaar comes home and asks Dharma to get in. Dharma asks what happened today. Avtaar says everything is fine, inspection is over. Bablu says but Gappu taught Vidya wrong. Avtaar says just we know this, Vidya doesn’t know this. He asks Vidya’s mum not to misunderstand him, Vidya is happy, don’t say anything else she will get scared, this matter shouldn’t go out, if Vidya knows this, she will stop going to school. He thinks to do something of her job. Vidya comes home and sees Avtaar. Her mum hugs her. Vidya says I m fine, you all here. Avtaar says don’t worry for Sharma ji, everything got fine. He thinks sorry to lie to you, what to do, I don’t want to break your courage by saying truth. He asks why are you worried now.

Vidya says my mum taught me in childhood that if we lie once, we have to lie many times, I never lied, but problems start for me always. Maa cries. Dharma says stop it, just know the problem once. Avtaar asks what happened now. Vidya says Prem Pratap… He says I will see him. Vidya says Prem isn’t a drama company guy. Avtaar asks will he be DM then. She says yes, he is really the new DM, his real name is Vivek Vardhan Singh.

Precap: Vivek comes to meet Vidya and says I got info that DM Sharma is missing and Nanku is the suspect.


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