Due to the fitness of Bollywood actor and action star Vidyut Jamwal, millions of his people are crazy. He has made his special identity with the body. Everyone wants a fitness freak, a body like Vidyut Jamwal and wants to know the secret of their fitness. In such a situation, the action star has told the secret of her upper body strength, which you can also follow her to create a body like her.

Vidyut has released a video of his, in which he showed martial arts Kalari Payattu doing Kalari punishments. He has shared the video of this workout on his YouTube channel, in which he is telling this exercise for upper body. While sharing this video, the actress said that she wants to tell these pushups to her fans, which she calls Jammwalions.

He told, ‘I wanted to introduce the Jammwalians to these push-ups and I thought that the best way to do this is to show kalari punishments. It targets the core, back, chest, shoulders, back, legs and triceps. This is the most accurate of all workouts. ‘ He says that this workout does not require anything special, because it does not require any heavy equipment or travel to the gym.

Explain that Vidyut Jamwal shares the workout videos on his YouTube page and tells his fans the right way to do them. So that the fans can do them comfortably and also explains the benefits of that exercise. If we talk about the actor’s workfront, then he is going to be seen in Khuda Hafiz, which is based on the true event.


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