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Dashanand looking to raise kailash with his palms. As kailash tremors, mahadev opens his eyes in anger. All gods take a look at mahadev. Mahadev is indignant. Dashanand tries to lift kailash as he keeps the usage of all his power, dashanand then separates his 10 paperwork into 10 clones and together he starts lifting kailash. Kailash is lifted an inch above the floor and mahadev’s anger will increase as his eyes emerge as crimson.

Mahadev makes use of one thumb of his leg and he puts on kailash’s floor, he presses kailash down again on the ground and dashanand’s arms are trapped under, he says how can you do this with your maha bhakt? i’m in pain, please loose me from this ache. Dashanand’s palms bleed, as he says free me from this ache prabhu! Please. Ganesh and all gan’s start doing tandav as mahadev presses kailash down using just his thumb. Dashanand screams in ache as he says loose me mahadev, from this pain.

Dashanand starts offevolved saying a prayer to mahadev and begins pronouncing the mantras of mahadev to electrify him and relax his anger. because the gods watch, dashanand’s hands are trapped beneath kailash and he keeps praying to mahadev pronouncing his mantras. The gods watch and after a few years, indra dev says it has been years now dashanand’s fingers have been trapped however this evil demon has been praying to mahadev considering that then, i’m hoping mahadev doesn’t get inspired by using his prayers.

Next as dashanand does his prayers, mahadev receives up and says I must visit my disciple. Parvati says but prabhu, if a disciple take a incorrect manner to asking boon from their god, is it proper? Mahadev says parvati, a disciple always comes first even though he does adharma but that adharma will give up him for positive due to the fact evil can’t exist for lengthy. Mahadev goes and gives darshan to dashanand.

Dashanand’s hands are freed as he is in ache. He seems at the divya avatar of mahadev and says my shiva shambhu, be given my pranam bholenath. Mahadev blesses dashanand and brings him again normal from all ache and blood. Dashanand thanks mahadev and says prabhu I recognise, you are very angry from what I did but I did not have every other alternative. but prabhu you gave me darshan and feature made me thankful of it. Mahadev says a disciple’s ache is likewise the ache of a god, so from these days I name you Ravana! Dashanand says ravana and says from today the complete universe shall understand me as Ravana, Mahabali Ravana!
Ravana says but prabhu, i’ve any other want. Mahadev says bhakt ravana, ask anything however don’t inquire from me to come back to lanka. I can’t depart kailash as it has constantly been my residence, I live in the whole lot and that i exist anywhere, so I shall usually be where you want me to be. Ravana recollects what he promised to his mom and is worried. Ravana says mahadev, if not then you I want your aatma ling. Mahadev is taken aback and all gods are shocked.

All gods say if ravana gets mahadev’s aatma ling then there may be a massive trouble. Mahadev says bhakt, I can’t provide you with my aatma ling. Ravana says mahadev why do you think i’m not capable to take care of your aatma ling? I promise my mom to convey you to lanka but to keep that promise, I want your aatma ling in order that my mother is glad, you return with me to lanka and preserve the aatma ling yourself but prabhu I can not cross from here with out the aatma ling. Ravana says mahadev, provide me a boon that wherever I location your aatma ling, it get set up there forever. Mahadev says okay ravana, it is right. i’m able to provide you with my aatma ling. Mahadev’s aatma ling seems from his chest and he offers it to ravana, in that method a divya light comes from parvati’s chest too and it goes to mahadev symbolizing that mahadev and parvati are one. Parvati says if your aatma goes mahadev, then even my soul shall go together with you due to the fact wherein you are! There i am and we can not be separated. Ravana takes the aatma ling in his hand and it is so heavy, ravana falls down and says I did not recognize prabhu’s aatma ling might be so heavy. As mahadev had said, if my aatma ling touches the floor it shall be mounted there forever. Ravana uses all his power and says om namaha shivay, he lifts the aatma ling. Mahadev smiles and says be alert dashanand, keep in mind what I said.

Lord Vishnu seems and says if I wanted to, sister parvati I could have killed him the use of sudarshan chakra but I saw mahadev’s aatma ling then how can i attack him? brahma dev says if devi durga and international’s caretaker lord Vishnu cannot forestall ravana, then who can? Kartikeya says I sense myself incapable in this nowadays. We have to use intelligence in this situation and handiest ganesh can do it, due to the fact using shakti and yukti is pratham pujya ganesh. Ganesh takes the responsibility to forestall ravana and get the aatma king hooked up in kailash.

Precap: Ganesh makes use of his intelligence and also electricity to tackle ravana as he objectives to forestall ravana from leaving kailash with the aatma ling


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