Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with bhandasoor watching huge mata devi’s form & he is thinking how to tackle these devi’s but will not get defeated. He is ordering his sons to enter battlefield & tells them that I will provide you those powerful weapons with which you can fight with the devi’s & they are being provided with those weapons by bhandasoor & he tells them you will be called great sons with new powers to achieve in future if you win this war. Various weapons are provided to all his sons to fight with devi’s. They all are ready to fight praising bhandasoor. Bhandasoor is shouting these weapons are those having powers of 105 brahmands & indra god understands this that he is using our weapons. All his sons are promising bhandasoor that we will kill all those devi’swho face these weapons & he is ordering them to go & win this war.
Laxmi mata is telling Vishnu that this bhandasoor has given his sons all those powerful weapons to fight against small child devi & mata laxmi getting confused thinking about this.
Paltrapura sundari asks permission from mata to go to attack bhandasoor & mata allows her so she moves towards very happily.
Kartik is saying this devi child is so glad to face evil bhandasoor which is surprising. All gods & goddesses are also feeling happy.
Sundari devi is saying this place is so good & having such blessed nature’s surrounding.
Bhandasoor & his army is seeing the child & laughing thinking about how this small child will fight with us. Bhandasoor is thinking how come mata could send this small child or is it to make me emotional seeing child?
Rashmi prabha is saying what mushak wants & mushakji says what I should do while she is talking with mushankji & is thinking is he in disguise & they both are thinking about each other.
Ganesh is also thinking how should I stop eating modaks but also should think of how to stop his yagna also as bhandasoor should not succeed.
Bhandasoor is seeing yagna & feeling mahadev’s image is coming from the yagna so he is planning how to kill this devi child.
Sundari is enjoying the place’s nature while bhandasoor’s sons are coming shouting towards her & indra dev is also thinking how she can stop her & she shouts them to stop so they ask her do you know whom you are stopping while she says to talk quietly as these flies are getting disturbed & they says this place is not to play with flies & she says I am playing here so they tell this place is not to play as this is battlefield but she tells them you fools make such place battlefield & they get angry so she makes them quiet.
One of bhandaoor’s son comes forward, bends to talk with her saying you are very small & asks who are you so tell me & she tells him I am that who can make you bend in front of me. She is telling him I am that itself who is ultimate powerful whom you can’t understand but they are joking with her then too she is explaining them that you are my part itself so I am that powerful person whom you cannot harm.
All gods & goddesses are feeling glad that she itself is our mata whom mata parashakti has sent of which we meditate daily.
Bhandasoor’s son is telling her we are here to fight so she tells him who has stopped you to fight.He tells her that your age is not to fight but to play & one of them says that we are so powerful that we are having 105 brahmands powers with us.
She is telling them all 105 brahmand’s you are talking is there with me still in my control & she shows them by opening her mouth & they all are stunned seeing all those powerful brahmand’s in her mouth reflection. They are shocked while bhandasoor is also stunned & he tells her to go away or you will die but she alarms them that if you try to act evil them you can die & she shows her powers by killing some people of his army but they are fighting with her saying now you will be killed here but she tells them if you wish this way then fine.

Precap: Paltraputra Sundari is fighting with them killing all of them one by one with her powers & ganehs is thinking that while mata is fighting I can finish these left over 2 modaks & will ge free.


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