Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh converses with ravana about this. The lady while moving from wilderness with the tyke in her grasp gets endowments and backing by stormy climate also by getting fabric on childs body. She is glad strolling with the kid and all obstacles are made from her way. Ganesh says to ravana that who has confidence in mahadev will dependably be cared for by his endowments and ravana tells the equivalent of youngster that he likewise minded of the two his moms.

The tyke developed little is imploring mahadev with his mom. He asks who is mahadev and for what valid reason we should keep confidence in him. She clarifies him every one of the things about mahadev to dependably ask him and keep confidence in him and he will dependably mind of you. Ravana proceeds with the story with ganesh and tells about his this current mother’s childhood an inconvenience some for her because of her lack of education so confronting shy of nourishment and life for youngster as well. Be that as it may, at whatever point they feel inconvenience it was constantly cleared.

The kid comes racing to mother feeling hungry however his mom is strained as ther is no sustenance yet all of a sudden somebody comes at their entryway and continues saying Prasad is brought. She is glad and begins encouraging the tyke letting him know as prabhu’s Prasad. When the youngster falls debilitated by fever and she is doing different things to make his wellbeing great. She is crying to offspring of her poverty yet the tyke answers that you just state to keep confidence in mahadev so why you stress. He will deal with us and a Vaidya comes and makes him great.

The tyke and mother goes in the town and tyke sees all childrens sitting in a school so asks her when I will likewise go? She is befuddled because of her destitution however reveals to him when mahadev favors then you will go. A wild ox comes running quick towards the kid and mother and all of a sudden the enter the school premises to get spared and bison passes. She solicits pardoning to master from school however master stops her with the youngster and advises her as you have just gone into school so now onwards you are likewise my understudy. The tyke and mother is cheerful. The youngster strolls towards the master and asks him. Master asks his name and he states as “Child” as his name is child and master is befuddled. All childrens chuckle on this. The tyke clarifies master by what all names he is called by different people groups and subsequently you can call by any name to me. Be that as it may, gurudev gives him new name as “DHARMAGUPTA”. The tyke twists and asks master and is content with the name given by his gurudev.

Dharamagupta is strolling from the wilderness with his companion and his companion stops him saying this isn’t right way however dharamagupta gives him information of mahadev and to keep confidence in him. They continue strolling and come around at heaped stones. Dharamagupta advises his companion bhanu to clear these stones as there is something beneath this covered up. He finds a material sack with adornments inside and winds up cheerful and eager. He tells dharmagupta that we will share this and our life will get made due by this. Dharmagupta is against this which he says isn’t right according to his contemplations. These riches is pressed or stolen from vacationers which is exceptionally off-base by us to take so we offer it to raja as he is having full confidence in mahadev.

Ravana proceeds with the story with ganesh of future result of dharmaupta altering his perspective while going and getting to be childish towards riches taking to raja. Dharmagupta and bhanu sees the townspeople in transit in a difficult situation and stops there to utilize this riches for them who are so eager and with no sustenance and water with their childrens as well. Bhanu cautions dharmagupta before utilizing this riches as they will fall in a tough situation and will be against raja’s desires for which we will end up being their adversary. In any case, dharmagupta helps to remember his gifts of his mahadev on him and he has confidence in him. What will happen will dependably be great. Ganesh is proceeded with future story by ravana of this result as well. One individual comes to raja naresh’s castle and enlightens him concerning this riches being found and conveyed in residents for their nourishment and safe house. The raja is infuriated and calls senapati irately.

Precap: Raja yelling Dharamagupta who is captured and acquired royal residence by raja’s military. He is taken to execute and won’t be spared by his demise says raja however dharmagupta is feeling confidence in his mahadev while decapitating and says whatever will happen will be great iself.


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