Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with the evil says to ganesh to permit me to head as first puzzle has been already given to you. Kuber is thinking to follow him & the evil vanishes by lifting leftover gold coin too. Kuber is burdened by means of seeing the evil vanishing & asking assist from ganesh. Kartik is telling ganesh that if at all we resolve his puzzle then if he betrays us what we can do? Ganesh is telling he is an asoor so betraying his promise is in his conduct itself but if he does too then after resolving all his puzzles we can get to understand wherein he’s situated & extra over we can be close to the wealth too, so kuber is likewise saying that to not waste time & clear up his puzzles with the aid of your smart brains.

Ganesh is declaring of the puzzle & kartik is advising ganesh that we’ve seek such an head in step with his puzzle. Kuber additionally saying how to search this kind of head on this vast earth. Mushakji involves choose ganesh but ganesh tells him to go with kuber. Ganesh & kartik are going to go looking the puzzle’s solution of evil. they may be looking at various locations. Ganesh is thinking, whilst on the manner & all of sudden tells kartik that he understands that there’s no such head I experience. they’re seeing something but that too in vain. Ganesh is telling kartik to no longer to waste time searching this manner as there won’t any effects.

They arrive back. Ganesh is telling mushakji that there may be no such head for which the evil has given puzzle. Kuber is telling ganesh how we are able to display our face to laxmi mata now. Ganesh is calming kuber & allow me use my brains wondering a way to remedy this. Ganesh is explaining kuber about what gives electricity of wondering to remedy this puzzle. Kuber asks which strength so he is familiar with about meals & kuber arranges meals for ganesh. Kuber is thinking to take desirable care of offering meals for ganeshji to make him search my wealth as he should be contended by food. Kuber reminds of mata gauri saying how to make ganesh experience he is contended with the aid of food. Kuber affords ganesh that food object & by ingesting ganesh is contended & happy through it announcing i’m complete now. Kuber is calling ganesh so now to consider the puzzle then ganesh tells kuber that now I need relaxation to suppose with no trouble. Kuber is in confusion & asking kartik is ganeshji taking rest or taking into consideration puzzle then kartik is telling he is doing both. Kartik is calming kuber to no longer to fear.

Kuber is feeling sleepy & Kartik is sitting seeing ganesh resting & anticipating him to wake up. Ganesh wakes up & thinks as i’ve made sleep all but a way to think about the puzzle. Ganesh is thinking how mom had explained him thinking to resolve any hassle so ganesh is the usage of his mother’s answer & thinks the beginning words of mystery & abruptly ganesh shouts I got the answer so all rise up exceptionally. Kartik asks ganesh what befell & ganesh tells i discovered the solution so we have to move immediately to brahmalog & they are surprised.

Ganesh & kartik are at brahmalog & kartik asking how you have a lot faith that the head is on brahmalog & ganesh is telling kartik to see properly that there are plenty of kamal plant life & it a tremendous area & ganesh reminds beyond time of their grandfather & father so kartik reminds about brahmadev’s times the pinnacle changed into cut & why that evil said of head reduce. Kartik now reminds about the puzzle what states about finding his address too. So ganesh says after resolving this puzzle his next puzzle will also be solved right here itself.

Ganesh is announcing to not to disturb brahmadev & mata saraswati in their meditation & want to go looking silently. The evil in a darkish cage thinks he has introduced this wealth so neatly & maintains all of the wealth in the cage openly. He may be very satisfied & enjoying the wealth through napping on it. he is speaking all evil thoughts & thinks no one can take away this wealth now & no longer also ganesh as it is very secure with me.

Kartik asks ganesh on brahmalog that what he is seeing then ganesh is telling about the kamal flower he is seeing that is having very different sort of form other than everyday kamal flowers have & kartik says that this kamal flower itself is our answer for the evil’s puzzle I guess.

Precap: The evil is gambling with the wealth in cage & ganesh comes announcing the evil that your puzzle is solved & your end has come.


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