Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Evil sees ganesh and asks how you came here as you were there however no issue as I’ll leave this coin and go yet ganesh stops the underhanded saying this was our arrangement itself to get you. Kuber utilizes his forces to close all entryways of his royal residence .The underhandedness says this isn’t right kuberji as you have played stunt with me however ganesh says no as this is the product of your abhorrent deeds. Kuber additionally tells the shrewd yes as subsequent to getting all his riches then too you came here for last gold coin left and as ganeshji had arranged it happened to get you since you will come ganeshji knew. Kartik additionally tells the abhorrent that your malevolent deed is making more pulled in towards the riches by losing this riches here itself. The wickedness is stating that I am not a straightforward malevolent as I am egotistical fiendishness riches god so this riches is covered up securely at such mystery place which you won’t probably discover effectively. Ganes, kartik and kuber take out their weapons to stop him and slaughter him. The malevolence is supposing they have taken out their weapons to execute me yet all of a sudden helps to remember the riches in his guardianship so disclosing to them that you can’t do anything to me as it’ll be hard for you to discover this riches where I have covered up so the I am the introduction of mahadev as you know and so mahadev’s children also can’t demolish me.

Ganesh is telling abhorrence that alright then we can atleast keep you comprehend our guardianship till we free mata kamdhenu, divya vriksha and ucha sharaha from you. Alright says the Evil any place you wish to keep me keep.

The Evil is stating as this riches is covered up cleverly which you can’t discover this by holding me under your care and he is stating that in the event that you wish to discharge this riches, at that point I have an arrangement, what says ganesh so the detestable tells ganesh that I challenge you on the off chance that you can comprehend my three riddles, at that point I will discharge this riches or in the event that you lose, at that point you need to give me a chance to take this riches. Kuber is figuring this must not occur as ganesh ought not acknowledge his test or I will lose all the riches. Ganesh and kartik are pondering this. Think quick says the abhorrence to ganesh. The wickedness is inducing ganesh by saying that what he heard it wasn’t right that you are canny and you have brilliant minds so why you are having a favorable opinion of my test. Ganesh is taking guarantee from him that on the off chance that I comprehend your riddles, at that point will you without a doubt leave this riches or will you double-cross me and the Evil answers the word once given is never reclaimed by me or resisted.

Ganesh is asking what is your first riddle and kuber is shocked reasoning and saying why ganeshji is tolerating his test or on the off chance that ganeshji fizzles, at that point all riches will go. Kartik is disclosing that ganesh needs to do this or it will be difficult to discharge your riches. Ganesh is likewise persuading kuber to not to stress. Ganesh is again advising the malice to not to defer and ask your first riddle rapidly so he asks that a past head which is cut will reveal to you my location. Ganesh, Kartik and kuber are in disarray of this riddle.

Precap: Ganesh is telling the egotistical Evil that your end is extreme at this point. Kartik is discharging all riches from the shades of malice pot. Ganesh changes over himself in a goliath structure.


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