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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Arunasura and his demon army taking control of agni lok. The entire demon navy defeats and conquers the agni lok. Arunasura says now come on, next we attack varun dev’s varun lok and take manipulate of it, we will conquer it and quench our thirst with his water. every body snort.

Arunasura and his demons go on varun lok. Varun dev seems and says you silly demon, how did you dare to come back here? arunasura says i can devour you too. Varun dev makes use of his powers and throws big waves of water on the navy and arunasura, a few a part of the army drown and die in the water.

Arunasura fights the water and comes beforehand, he makes use of his tongue and gulps varun dev into his belly. Arunasura and his army then overcome varun lok.

On vindhyachal mountain, vinayaki, maheshwari, narayani,

kumarin and brahmani avatars come and that they wake up adishakti from her sleep. They take adishakti to make her equipped for the sabha. Adishakti receives equipped and then vinayaki and kumarin avatar start doing aarti of mata adishakti.

On Chandra dev’s lok, arunasura brings his military and Chandra dev fights and kills some demons however arunasura gulps him down too and conquers Chandra lok. He is going to brahma lok and sees brahma dev, he says i can take manage of brahma lok too. Arunasura appears aroun and sees the brahma kamal, the brahma kamal flies away. Arunasura says brahma dev and devi saraswati aren’t here, they’re fortunate. Arunasura is going.

Then arunasura heads to attack swarg lok. Indra dev, suryadev and kuber come to fight arunasura and his military. indra dev eliminates his Vajra astra and says filthy demon, go away this is your remaining danger, in case you nevertheless stand to combat us then we will kill you. indra dev uses Vajra astra and the usage of lightning he and suryadev assault the infantrymen of arunasura, suryadev and indra dev kill all soldiers. Indra dev says demon, move lower back now! now you have not anything left, even your military is gone, i can kill you. arunasura gets rid of his tongue closer to suryadev, suryadev uses his weapon and burns the tongue of arunasura. arunasura takes again his tongue and says devraj, i’m able to no longer depart any of you, i can kill you all and take control of all of your lok’s, then i can fight adishakti. Arunasura makes use of his tongue and pulls indra dev’s Vajra astra from his handand eats it. indra dev is greatly surprised.

There all avatars, prepare for mata adishakti’s sabha. Mata adishakti watches arunasura combating indra dev, kuber and suryadev.

Arunasura uses his tongue again after which he eats kuber and suryadev. Indra dev uses his powers to stop arunasura, however arunasura gulps down indra dev too. Arunasura says i will move and take all the goddesses captive now. arunasura enters swarg lok, devi sachi and all of the goddesses are inside the palace. All devi’s say, we need to pass from here. who will protect us now? that demon has defeated the gods. Devi sachi says mata adishakti will protect us. arunasura says wherein are all devi’s? were are you? arunasura begins destroying the whole lot in the palace.

Precap: devi sachi and all goddesses pray to mata adishakti and say mata come and protect us, defend us mata! Adishakti gets irritated on arunasura

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