Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raja naresh tells dharamgupta that it was his misstep to comprehend you as only you battled with my foe so who are you to the extent I realize that you are offspring of the bum lady and by birth as shatriya having such extraordinary warrior deliver and conduct as aficionado so who are you. He answers that he is just lover of shiv and according to my mom just mahadev is my definitive life direction. All has occurred by his desires just and will occur in future by his desires as it were. So raja asks that is it that everything we do is by his desires? Truly answers dharmagupta and clarifies in mantra lines as shivshankar is wherever and he has just spared me. Raja says that you are in to some degree wrong instinct about shiv inspite you are such great warrior yet not canny. In the event that you feel he is all strong god, at that point guide him to demonstrate his presence here and explain your confidence in him. Dharmagupta’s mom meddles in the middle of their discussion and advises raja to not to challenge this aficionado of prabhu. Be that as it may, raja says without this it can’t be demonstrated he is steadfast enthusiast of his prabhu if prabhu does not demonstrate his reality. Raja and all of a sudden hear obscure voice and shimmering lights on them saying it will consistently occur for him because of his prabhu itself.

Prabhu immerges in type of sadhu from that light and dharmagupta’s mom acknowledges sadhu. Sadhu clarifies dharmagupta’s rescuer as mahadev from wilderness as he is offspring of maharaj vidharbha who was executed by adversaries. Sadhu likewise discloses about this to his mom too and every other thing occurred in wilderness for dharmagupt’a life to be spared and to give in your grasp for his up-bringing which was done just and just by mahadev itself.

The riches covered up by dashmukhiya was coordinated by mahadev just to them says sadhu and offered data to raja naresh was mahadev in mask itself. Raja naresh is astounded. The adversary assaulting while dharmagupta decapitating was sent by no other than mahadev itself says sadhu.

Dharmagupta at last says that all these clarification given about me before us is additionally no other than prabhu mahadev shivshankar itself. Dharmagupta and his mom twist and ask him to demonstrate his unique structure and mahadev indicates and all are stunned and twist on their knees to ask mahadev.

Dharmagupta asks about his mom and father for what good reason they were slaughtered and fended off me from their adoration to get. Mahadev discloses to him it was the scourge of their last birth deeds for which they didn’t lived for offering adoration to you yet because of their great deeds in this birth you are alive and for which I shelter you with good life in future for which you have kept full confidence in your god shivshankar.

Dharmagupta and all applause prabhu bhikshuvarya implies sadhu for example mahadev shivshankar. Ravana describes future story of raja naresh delegated dharmagupta as his sole admirer and he wedded his girl with dharmagupta as he had no child and gave his domain to him. According to mahadev’s favors dharmagupta earned what was his rights on. Ganesh says and by and by mahadev demonstrated his gifts in this world with brief decisions so you ought to never lose confidence in god as god deals with all in any structure. Ganesh offers water to ravana and contemplating now lanka isn’t so far now in the wake of intersection this waterway.

Precap: Ravana tells ganesh that inspite taking in frame of mind exercises by devta’s from their mahadev they were not doing great deeds so by and by mahadev comes to demonstrate to them the light of good deeds in new symbol.


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