Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with the egocentric evil is speakme together with his different evil buddies about their anger on him however he tells them he has used a plan with ganesh which he cannot resolve by way of giving him puzzles to be able to make us worthwhile. He is also talking of their bhandasoor evil who will no longer be disturbed in his meditation too & certainly one of them is pronouncing that your plan must achieve success or if ganesh plans something else to smash your plan then we can be in problem. The selfish evil convinces them that ganesh is helpless with none wealth left for them to go back to laxmi mata as promised & additionally no head which i’ve faked with ganeshji about the puzzle. they may be all glad & celebrating laughingly.

Kartik tries to the touch the kamal flower & he gets sparked & the egocentric evil gets to understand this & vanishes from his pals meet. The kamal flower opens & they find a trunk coming out so kartik tells ganesh you’re proper that his puzzle will be solved through opening this trunk. Kartik opens the trunk & the egocentric evil comes out speaking with ganesh that i am impressed you fixing one puzzle but nonetheless my challenge is not complete so after listening to second puzzle you may fall in this sort of huge confusion that nobody can clear up it along with you so ganesh tells him you don’t fear about it but inform your subsequent puzzle so he says that my address is in the darkish however street leading in the direction of it’ll be found on mom’s lap. Kartik & ganesh are in confusion the way to seek the solution. The evil is satisfied that ganesh will preserve wondering & can’t clear up. Ganesh is thinking about the puzzle & the evil is happy with the puzzle given to ganesh as it’s miles very difficult for ganesh to remedy. he is happily enjoying in his den. Ganesh & kartik are praying mata saraswati. Mata saraswati comes to help them & asks what’s your trouble in which I let you. Ganesh is telling mata as you are aware that each one wealth is with the selfish evil so he has given us puzzle to clear up to release the wealth.

Saraswati is telling that she isn’t having this solution & ganesh asks is it with mata laxmi & may be yes says saraswati mata. They both go to laxmi mata & taking into consideration mata laxmi given him obligation of the wealth. Kartik turned into not geared up to face mata laxmi however ganesh convinces telling I received’t move by myself & they face mata laxmi but mata says I understand why you have got come here however this hassle I can also’t clear up however it may be solved through mata parvati so ganesh accepts & mata laxmi tells ganesh that I also know that the wealth isn’t with kuber so ganesh it is your duty to return that wealth as i am having all religion in you. So ganesh convinces mata laxmi to no longer to fear as all of the 3 puzzles of that evil will be solved via me & may even go back all of the wealth he is having. Mata laxmi tells ganesh to do fast what you want to or all of the wealth can be misplaced of this global a good way to affect spreading of poverty on this international. Kartik tells ganesh we should visit mata parvati without any postpone & they flow.

Mata parvati is telling ganesh that I too do not have this answer in my lap too however advises ganesh that to understand & suppose deeply about this puzzle as via going to all mata’s too no solution will get up however best it slow could be wasted & you may fell depressed about it so ganesh tells mata to not to worry & will search a solution nicely of this & mata accepts his decision.

Ganesh is thinking about mata laxmi advising to suppose greater in this puzzle & remedy. Kartik is convincing ganesh to now not to worry an excessive amount of as it could be solved however take a few relaxation & ganesh is announcing you are right as there is best one area in which someone rests silently so ganesh leaves telling kartik I’ll come soon.

Ganesh sleeps on lap of his mata parvati & talks with her. Ganesh is napping & taking into account the puzzle & reveals the solution so receives up praying mata parvati & leaves to finish the puzzle. Kartik is looking why you have been dozing on lap of mata so ganesh says i have discovered the solution so kartik asks what’s the answer then ganesh tells him mata’s lap & this is the answer of the evil’s puzzle & tells kartik to should move quickly to the evil now.

Kuber is speakme with mushakji announcing this bhavan has grow to be empty with out wealth which was so complete of wealth of whom i use to manual. Ganesh comes convincing kuberji to not to fear & kuber asks you may remedy the primary puzzle & kartik suggests the answer of the puzzle. Kuber is calling what about his 2d puzzle & its solution wherein you may search so ganesh respond’s it’s in mother’s lap eg. lap of earth so kuber is telling to search in earth & to head speedy to the evil selfish urgently to take all the wealth from him.

The evil is luckily sitting near the wealth speakme in evil way about ganesh cannot solve the puzzle. also he says after meditation of bhandasoor he’ll supply all his powers to me.

The evil is seeing the den getting broken & ganesh, kuber & kartik come down from the hole created inside the den.

Precap: The evil is telling the 0.33 puzzle to ganesh that one coin has two faces & 1/2 the face is hidden so seek if you may which is not possible for you.


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