Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh is expressing of the riddle and kartik is exhorting ganesh that we have search such a head as per his riddle. Kuber additionally saying how to look through such a head on this immense earth. Mushakji comes to pick ganesh however ganesh guides him to go with kuber. Ganesh and kartik are going to look through the riddle’s answer of shrewdness. They are looking at different spots. Ganesh is thinking, while in transit and all of a sudden tells kartik that he comprehends that there is no such head I feel. They are seeing something yet that too futile. Ganesh is advising kartik to not to dawdle looking through along these lines as there won’t any outcomes.

Ganesh is telling mushakji that there is no such head for which the fiendishness has given riddle. Kuber is telling ganesh how we can demonstrate our face to laxmi mata now. Ganesh is quieting kuber and given me a chance to think carefully thinking how to unravel this. Ganesh is clarifying kuber about what gives intensity of intuition to comprehend this riddle. Kuber asks which power so he comprehends about nourishment and kuber organizes sustenance for ganesh. Kuber is thinking to take great consideration of giving sustenance to ganeshji to make him search my riches as he ought to be battled by nourishment. Kuber helps to remember mata gauri saying how to make ganesh feel he is battled by sustenance. Kuber gives ganesh that nourishment thing and by eating ganesh is battled and upbeat by it saying I am full at this point. Kuber is requesting that ganesh so now consider the riddle then ganesh tells kuber that now I need rest to think serenely. Kuber is in perplexity and asking kartik is ganeshji taking rest or considering riddle then kartik is telling he is doing both. Kartik is quieting kuber to not to stress.

Kuber is feeling drowsy and Kartik is sitting seeing ganesh resting and hanging tight for him to wake up.Ganesh awakens and thinks as I have made rest everything except how to consider the riddle. Ganesh is thinking how mother had disclosed him supposing to take care of any issue so ganesh is utilizing his mom’s answer and thinks the beginning expressions of riddle and all of a sudden ganesh yells I found the solution so all get up shockingly. Kartik asks ganesh what happened and ganesh reveals to I found the appropriate response so we need to go promptly to brahmalog and they are shocked.

Ganesh and kartik are at brahmalog and kartik asking how you have so much confidence that the head is on brahmalog and ganesh is advising kartik to see appropriately that there are loads of kamal blooms and it an immense spot and ganesh helps past time to remember their granddad and father so kartik reminds about brahmadev’s occasions the head was cut and why that abhorrence said of head cut. Kartik presently reminds about the riddle what states about discovering his location as well. So ganesh says subsequent to settling this riddle his next riddle will likewise be comprehended here itself.

Ganesh is stating to not to irritate brahmadev and mata saraswati in their reflection and need to look quietly. The malevolence in a dim enclosure supposes he has brought this riches so keenly and keeps all the riches in the confine transparently. He is glad and getting a charge out of the riches by thinking about it. He is talking every single underhandedness thought and figures no one can remove this riches now and not likewise ganesh as it is protected with me. Kartik asks ganesh on brahmalog that what he is seeing then ganesh is telling about the kamal blossom he is seeing which is having altogether different sort of structure separated from typical kamal blooms have and kartik says that this kamal bloom itself is our response for the detestable’s riddle I presume.

Precap: The fiendishness is playing with the riches in enclosure and ganesh comes saying the malevolent that your riddle is understood and your end has come.


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