Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with shani and devi Chaya going in surya lok in the royal residence. Surya dev gets up and devi Sandhya as well. Surya dev says Chaya? Why have you come here? shani says suryadev, I am the child of devi Chaya and you are my dad. Devi Sandhya is concerned. Surya dev says why have you come here? Devi Chaya has no pride, so leave. Shani says I have not come here to live with you, I have come here to get my mom the correct she merits and the privilege of a spouse that for such a significant number of years, she served you as an obedient wife however what did you do? You disregarded her to live herself, pregnant with a child.

Surya dev says don’t converse with me about my wrongs, devi Chaya has fouled up for her entire life. She tricked with me, this time I thought she was my significant other devi Sandhya and she concealed reality from me.

She deceived me, I couldn’t live with her, while my own better half devi Sandhya was somewhere else. Shani says surya dev, my mom served you and could give all of you adore she had, yet you didn’t do likewise to her. Devi Chaya says I didn’t cheat with you swami, these numerous years I had been directed by devi Sandhya to live with you and deal with you, she had given me a guarantee and I couldn’t break it! I did all that she stated, yet what did I receive consequently? I got insolence and put-down? Devi Sandhya says Chaya, I instructed you since you are my shadow structure, such as everything else in my body I possess you as well! At that point for what reason wouldn’t I be able to instruct you? What’s going on did I do? Shani says you have wronged that my mom did not get her right, she didn’t get her place where she ought to be! In surya lok!

Surya dev says enough of this. Indra dev and all divine beings state kid, leave from here. surya dev says I don’t need you both in surya lok, leave since you don’t have the right to be here and don’t have a place here. shani gets furious and says surya dev, in the event that you don’t give my mom what she merits, at that point… . Devi Chaya stops shani and says gives up child, we are being slighted here. shani says alright mother, we don’t should be here. as shani and devi Chaya are going, surya dev stops shani and says kid, I have an inquiry. Shani turns back and says what?

Surya dev says you undermined me that on the off chance that I didn’t give your mom what she merited, at that point you would… ? What might you do? You can do nothing to me, demonstrate to me what you can do. Surya dev remains against shani. Shani gets irate and says you undermine me. shani utilizes his powers, his forces stream from his eyes as pillars and assault surya dev. Surya dev is tied around and hardened as he stands firm! Surya dev can’t move and he experiences torment shani’s assault. Gradually surya dev begins diverting dark from his toes. All divine beings are stunned and indra dev and the divine beings take their weapons. Indra dev says kid, leave surya dev else you will be slaughtered by us. vayu dev says the sun is going into murkiness as it turns dark, devraj the world is in peril! The universe will be demolished if the sun vanishes.

Shani proceeds with his pillar assault on surya dev, as surya dev turns dark gradually. Shani’s crows torment the surya lok and the royal residence. Indra dev and the divine beings are not ready to assault shani as the crows occupy them and assault the divine beings. Indra dev says our assaults are falling flat, what do we do?

Devi Sandhya goes to devi Chaya and says please influence him to comprehend devi Chaya. Stop shani, this ought not occur, the world and the universe is in question! This is an issue between us, why make this enormous and damage the world and every other person? On the off chance that anything happens to surya dev, at that point the universe will be crushed. Devi Chaya considers, she is correct! I need to stop shani.

The tridev watch as shani pushes surya dev into obscurity. Kailash, brahma lok and vaikunth dham all turn dull as the sun turns dark. Mahadev contemplates, brahma dev and Vishnu dev state something must be done, shani must be ceased. Parvati says no one but mahadev can accomplish something now.

The divine beings are concerned as surya dev turns dark gradually. Shani says, what happened now? before you instructed us to go, presently you come at my mom for help? I will demonstrate to you my forces surya dev.

Surya dev experiences torment as he goes into unceasing obscurity. Surya dev turns dark totally and the whole universe turns dim and everything begins to solidify, the earth and surya lok solidifies with everything else solidifying as well. Indra dev is stressed and he says, child please stop this. Leave surya dev, don’t hurt him and stop your assaults! You are putting the world and universe to threat, everything will be crushed.

Precap: Mahadev shows up and favors surya dev and shani. Surya dev is ordinary again and he acknowledges devi Chaya. Devi Chaya converges with devi sandhya’s structure. Shani says mahadev, I simply needed my mom to have her right. Surya dev acknowledges shani, however shani says I wont acknowledge you as my dad. Devi Chaya/Sandhya says then I wont acknowledge you as child, shani exits from surya lok.


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