Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahadev and parvati at that point hear the petitions of devi Chaya in Kailash, mahadev is inspired. Mahadev offers darshan to devi Chaya and quiets down all the flame around. Devi Chaya says mahadev, I am honored to have your essence at long last! Mahadev says devi Chaya, you have entire heartedly appealed to me, what do you need? Request a help kid! Devi Chaya says mahadev, I need only

My privilege and my child’s correct! I simply need what my child and I ought to merit. Mahadev says I comprehend devi Chaya, I favor you that the child that you bring forth will be a divya youngster, he will be known as Shani dev and will be honored among the divine beings. Mahadev says your child will give you your right. Devi Chaya is glad and she thanks mahadev.

Devi Chaya goes pregnant to a lake and says how would I convey my infant now? my stomach is tormenting and soon my child will be conceived, what do I do? Abruptly a swarm of crows fly above devi Chaya. Devi Chaya is concerned and she ventures inside the lake and rests in the water, as she shouts in torment. A pregnant devi Chaya brings forth her child, Shani!

Ganesh here gives ravana more water to drink and says so my this is bholenath mahadev! Who favored devi Chaya with a divya child even before shani dev was conceived. Ganesh says har mahadev and ravana begins saying har mahadev with ganesh. Ravana is going to keep the aatma ling down on the ground to applaud mahadev, ganesh thinks this is the thing that I needed. Abruptly ravana acknowledges and he stops and brings the aatma ling back in his grasp. Ganesh says what’s going on with you? You could have lost the aatma ling, be mindful next time ravana ji. Ravana says yes ganesh ji and proceeds with the story.

Ravana says from that point onward, shani dev was conceived and he turned into a youthful tyke in the lake water itself. shani then goes further inside the lake swimming, to discover devi Chaya. He turns out with devi Chaya and after that Chaya says my child? shani? Shani says yes mother, it is me shani! I have known your distress this time when I was in your stomach as well, since I could feel your torment mother. Try not to stress, your child has come and I will give you your privilege regardless of whether I need to do battle with my very own dad surya dev.

Toward the beginning of the day, shani’s crows all concealment the sun. the daylight does not achieve earth and mahadev see shani going to surya lok with devi Chaya.

In surya lok, surya dev has composed a treat for all divine beings since his child yam dev has been declared the lord of death and furthermore the leader of yam lok. Devi Sandhya feels something will not be right and informs surya dev regarding it, surya dev advises Sandhya not to stress as nothing will not be right. There shani dev comes to surya lok with devi Chaya.

Precap Upcoming Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode Update: Shani dev comes in the castle and says father you have done treachery with my mom. Shani dev utilizes his capacity and assaults surya dev, turning surya dev’s whole body dark. The world loses the sun! mahadev intercedes


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