Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh is likewise thinking about this riddle and saying the shrewdness said valid as his riddle is difficult to illuminate. Ganesh is telling kuber that there is no such spot where mushakji can’t reach so advises mushakji to send all mushak to discover the spot so mushakji spreads his voice to all his mushaks to look and all mushaks spread to discover the storage compartment. After at some point mushakji is in disarray how much time has taken by everything except still no message got at this point. Kartik is reminding ganesh about mata laxmi’s notice and says as we don’t have much time left so have accomplish something quick. Ganesh is thinking what mata laxmi had let him know.

Mushakji is telling ganesh that discovered something as some light is been seen so ganesh goes with mushakji towards the light and they discover the storage compartment. All mushaks are imploring ganesh and ganesh thanks all. Ganesh presently feels that he can fathom this riddle and pushes the storage compartment. The malevolence comprehends and is thinking how ganeshji discovered the storage compartment which was outlandish so how it occurred. Kartik and kuber are glad seeing ganesh pushing the storage compartment. Ganesh opens the truck and the underhanded turns out and asks ganesh how you came to here so ganesh discloses to him that great deeds consistently search their way towards underhandedness deeds. The underhandedness is stating then too you are far away from me as the amount you attempt you can’t discover me as you likewise can’t take any coin. The wickedness is stating that as I reveal to you my last riddle then it will be difficult to unravel as you three also can’t tackle this. Additionally you can’t remove a solitary coin from this riches.

The malicious tosses a coin on top and tells the third riddle as one coin having two countenances with the two sides bolstered for one another and you will discover me there. Ganesh crushes that coin which was tossed and abhorrence gets this so says to ganesh this isn’t right as you can’t remove my coin. Ganesh is stating like this coin I have procured by a similar way I will secure all the riches from this childish abhorrence. Kuber is telling ganesh how we can explain this riddle of him as he said we three likewise can’t tackle this. Kartik is additionally telling ganesh how we can comprehend as it is more harder than past were so ganesh is clarifying kartik and kuber that the individual giving test saying ceaselessly that we can’t tackle his riddles attempts to makes us progressively terrified as we ought not all that we don’t need to think on his unnerving talks however on understanding riddle.

Ganesh is considering the riddle profoundly tossing the coin on top and likewise finding the half answer as prabhu Narayan and mahadev on the two sides of the coin. Kartik tells ganesh we have discovered a large portion of the appropriate response so we need to look through the appropriate response of another side and ganesh figures what can be this that one side of coin indicates prabhu Narayan and opposite side shows mahadev so what is same in them and all of a sudden both state snake and Kuber is stating that prabhu Narayan is under sheshnag and mahadev is having snake past his body.

Mushakji says to ganesh that I have discovered the appropriate response. Ganesh is telling about the riddle where the malicious will be found close snake place as snake is his help. Ganesh and all are going to looking through the snake places while kuber is in a difficult situation telling ganesh this may likewise make devastation between all individuals too of this riches whenever found by anyone. Ganesh and all compass at snakes place and snake divine beings immerge and supplicate ganesh and asks ganesh how we can support you so ganesh is telling subtleties of the abhorrence. They snake god tells ganesh that there was one such huge light found in the night. Ganesh is in perplexity.

Precap: Ganesh is getting the fiendishness to turn out from the sanctum. The underhandedness is stating that I will tie you with my forces.


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