Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh is supposing he is getting increasingly difficult and tells the shrewd that I am prepared to confront you. Ganesh illuminates the hostile stares’ by his forces and the wickedness ends up uneasy by the intensity of light on his eyes. The insidiousness is cautioning that this light power couldn’t do anything to my eyes. Ganesh is thinking there is something else entirely to want you as I need to keep you occupied here till my sibling arrives at the sanctum and gets all the riches. The fiendishness is inducing ganesh and says that before you assault once more, my capacity will grip you and wickedness sends a light capacity to grasp ganesh and ganesh is calm. Ganesh is conversing with mushkaji that we need to make him occupied here to accomplish our objective by demonstrating to him that he is winning. So mushakji is thinking about his previous talks of ganeshji enlightening all regarding the malevolence and how we should keep him occupied till we accomplish our objective and ganesh advising kartik to enter his sanctum as he gets opportunity to secure all the riches by assistance of that dubious kapal and likewise advising kuber to keep open every one of the ways to enable all the riches to return back all around ahead of schedule.

Mushakji is making the malevolence occupied. The malevolent assaults mushakji by his flame powers and mushakji falls in torment telling ganesh this is excruciating. The malice is enlightening ganesh regarding their wickedness bhandasoor that he can clear his reflection till I battle with you here and ganesh is supposing you don’t know about my arrangement still. Kartik is at the wrongs sanctum seeing all riches is fine here however kartik is looking the precarious kapal which he can’t discover and figures where it tends to be. Kartik is looking through all spots wherever and feels that ganesh needs to keep that shrewd increasingly occupied till I search out the kapal.

The underhandedness is thinking what has befallen ganesh and mushakji as why they are quiet. The fiendishness is asking ganesh genuinely whether anyone has come here and gone into the nook then ganesh is stating some great deeds have come here to remove all the riches according to laxmi mata’s gifts. The wickedness says I myself will go and see till then you don’t attempt to do any tricks and mushakji advises ganesh to accomplish something as he is going there then ganesh says don’t stress I have the arrangement and he tosses the coin on the ground. The fiendishness is smelling something and gets pulled in towards it saying such a positive sentiment of more riches. The shrewdness is running for the coin to get.

Kartik is asking wild oxen to disclose to me where he has covered up the precarious kapal and they demonstrate the bearing to kartik. Ganesh is imagining that the kapal is here and kartik must be in disarray looking inside. Kartik is figuring how I ought to secure the kapal. Ganesh is thinking except if we get the kapal our thought process won’t be accomplished. The abhorrence comprehends and says that I know since someone is inside to take the riches so as he attempts to go ganesh stops the malice and makes his enormous structure and tells the insidious you had said that you have the influence gained from mahadev so demonstrate me by your influence.

Precap: The underhandedness is stating I am narrow minded shrewdness and I won’t come into your any stunts and shoots a weapon however ganesh additionally shoots weapon and pushes the precarious kapal. Kartik sees this inclination cheerful about ganesh.


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