Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh responds that alright then too from nineteen symbol’s you have just described fifteen stories and three will immerge in future so one more is left to describe and ravana takes out subtleties of prabhu’s symbol’s described stories and at long last ascertains one symbol is less which ought to be described story of so he reminds that symbol as prabhu yathinath and ganesh recounts ravana that after this story you need to continue to lanka then beverage water and to take as much time as is needed serenely to nrrate this story also in full subtleties and ravana answers that he will begin portrayal now as he has less time because of he wishes to leave before dusk and take water to drink. Ravana begins story portrayal.

A poor couple was remaining in a town and a few yogis did Pooja on shivling and they turned into mahadev’s lovers so the poor resident carried that shivling at his home to perform poojafor mahadev. They were thinking how to begin this shivling anyway they begin Pooja for mahadev to immerge for them and they won’t stop except if mahadev immerge to give them gifts.

Gauri mata is performing Pooja to her swami mahadev shivshankar. Mahadev gets instinct of town couple performing Pooja for him. All divine beings are likewise observing performing Pooja by town couple and are astounded by wrong procedure of Pooja performed.

Mahadev and gauri mata seeing Pooja performing mahadev wishes to go to them however gauri mata tells mahadev that all perform Pooja yet in legitimate manner then these both couple are not performing in appropriate way too and not spotless likewise then how you are feeling to go there yet mahadev demands to give them one possibility and additionally to address them about how they are performing& leaves to the town of the couple who is performing Pooja for him. Mahadev shows up at the couple’s home in mask of rishi. Mahadev calls them from their home entryway however the villafer’s significant other guides him to not get pu in the middle of Pooja performed of it’llbe bothered as we have chosen except if mahadev does not arrive at favor us we won’t stop Pooja. The resident advises his better half that anyone going to our is additionally a divine being for us as visitor and we ought not overlook him or we will get revile of this off-base deed. She acknowledges and they get up from Pooja to respect the new visitor touched base at their home to make him agreeable and organizing nourishment for him. They tell mahadev that they were performing Pooja their prabhu demonstrating the stone ling.

Precap: Lankesh ravana hops to reach lanka and additionally ganesh bounces also to have a go at halting him to stay away from wrong to occur.


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