Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh likewise hops to go behind ravana. Ravana is invited by his rani and he keeps atma ling of prabhu on a stone to settle in lanka. An enormous mountain is changed over out of the ling. Ganesh feels he is late to stop ravana to settle atma ling as this will prompt tremendous demolition in this world. Mahadev and gauri mata additionally talk considering this to be this will devastate the world so shivshankar mahadev begins to play his damru to stop this. Ganesh is talking inside himself this is stupendous and will make devastation and is accusing himself that he can’t stop ravana to make settle prabhu’s atma ling at lanka yet ravana calls ganesh and ganesh says yes and all of a sudden he understands that he was imagining pretty much such a lot of occurring in future and expresses gratitude toward himself that nothing has still happened and ravana is still with me and not left for lanka.

Ravana says that now he needs to leave and will do sandya vandan at lanka itself by coming to there yet ganesh reveals to him that prabhu mahadev’s symbol has guided you to do sandya vandan and then just continue so a major enthusiast like you will never ignore his guidelines and yes says ravana that I need to do sandya vandan here just or prabhu will blow up. Ravana is additionally feeling inside himself to go to pee as he is awkward and to handover prabhu’s atma ling in ganesh’s grasp as though he keeps anyplace else then the ling will settle down here as it were. In any case, ravana is again thinking to not keep confidence in ganesh and ganesh is likewise imagining that it is great ravana is feeling awkward as wishes to go to pee or my trap would have fizzled. Ganesh currently considers new trap and tells ravana this was extremely pleasant to go with for long till your end way and consequently ganesh advises ravana that he needs to leave now and thanks ravana to revealing to him every one of the accounts while in movement with you and asks ravana to give him his kalash to leave and ravana gives joyfully.

Ganesh leaves and ravana is feeling torment in stomach as he needs to go for pee. He calls for assistance and considers keeping ling on a stone yet recalls about mahadev letting him know whether he keeps this anyplace then the ling will settle down there itself. Ravana stops and pauses in the event that anyone coming and really ganesh is holing up behind a hedge and seeing every one of these things occurring with him. A kid in type of sadhu comes there and ravana thinks whether he can be kept trust on however ravana stops him and the kid asks ravana for what valid reason he has halted and ravana discloses to him he requires help from him and kid inquires as to whether he causes him what he will give consequently then ravana reveals to him I will give all of you I have these adornments on my body and he ends up glad and tells ravana that while you are doing sandya vandan I additionally need to do my mantra reciting with this chain I am holding and is this atma ling so substantial to lift then ravana is shocked by this kid saying as atma ling so how he realized it is prabhu’s atam ling and ravana asks the kid how you realized this is prabhu’s atma ling then the kid is really ganesh just in camouflage so he winds up staggered by ravana may comprehend his slip of tongue then the kid consequently promptly answers him that in the event that at all I am little kid, at that point too I am not a trick to comprehend this that you should hold a significant atma ling just, right. At that point ravana is fulfilled by his answer and advises the kid to please grasp this ling serenely and not to keep anyplace till I return right away. Ravana is running towards the ocean to do sandya vandan.

Precap: The kid is seen keeping the ling on the ground and ravana is running back towards the kid seeing this.


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