Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh is thinking my accomplishment is close by keeping abhorrence occupied till kartik discharges all riches. The shrewdness is thinking how to fight back ganesh who is in type of gajanan. Ganesh is impelling the shrewd why you are not assaulting me so the underhandedness is telling ganesh that I don’t need to accept more endeavors as my this weapon will decimate every one of your weapons yet his weapons are getting demolished by ganesh before assaulting and additionally he is seeing all his riches going from the lair and he is getting stressed and likewise crying that ganeshji you can’t do this with me as likewise observing his kapal in kartik’s grasp. The insidiousness is stating you have played stunt with me however kartik is revealing to him this isn’t a stunt yet that what you had accomplished by stunt is being detracted from you once more. The Evil is getting completely bothered and karitk is demonstrating him one coin by that the malevolent hops on it however the coin vanishes. Kartik is sending all the riches in kuber’s royal residence again by which kuber is glad and lauding both ganeshji and kartik while additionally expressing gratitude toward them to restored the riches once more. Mata laxmi is likewise glad seeing this.

The Evil is persistently crying by losing with ganesh. Ganesh is exhorting the wickedness again to forfeit all his childishness of riches then no one but you can lead your life easily. The underhandedness is advising ganesh to discharge him from this. Kartik is going to the abhorrence and the insidiousness is inquiring as to why you have come here subsequent to taking all my riches so kartik is revealing to him that I have come here to give you real riches and instructs him to recite mantra” om gana gajananaya namah” and by this you will end up unadulterated leaving all your wickedness and childish contemplations throughout your life. The insidiousness is reciting the mantra and his body is discharged from the narrow minded wickedness’ spirit.

All divine beings and goddesses are seeing this incident about the underhanded reciting the mantra while the abhorrent soul is discharged from his body however the spirit tells ganesh that on the off chance that at all you have discharged me from this current narrow minded’s body, at that point too you can’t prevent me from procuring powers in independent ways. Ganesh is telling the spirit that you will be sent to such place where you can never turn out from that eternity and ganesh sends the genuine wickedness soul in a lifetime dim grasps by his forces.

Ganesh is telling abhorrence soul liberated Evil individual that now you comprehended what gives consequence of self-centeredness of riches so an individual should just expect that much riches what is required for having a typical existence. The Evil individual is expressing gratitude toward ganesh telling that now I have comprehended the genuine impact of childish conduct. Ganesh is telling that this nourishment is for you so eat well. He completes all sustenance in all respects eagerly.

The Evil individual is saying thanks to ganesh that I have comprehended and lets him know for making my life straight from all shades of malice now.

Brahmadev is likewise expressing gratitude toward ganesh that by restoring all abundance of this world has made safe presently to utilize it in appropriate manner under verified hands. All divine beings, goddesses, kuber, kartik and so forth are exceptionally cheerful by ganesh.

Prabhu haigree is in his town reflecting while he sees indradev changing in type of gautam rishi entering in a kutir, excellent menaka acquiring aggravation rishi vishwamitra’s contemplation, ravana going towards devi vedvati in shrewdness way so thinks what is the purpose for this and sees kamasoor and gets stunned.

Precap: Prabhu haigree is illuminating ganesh about what he saw of kamasoor spreading attractions of lady’s in this existence where indradev, ravana, rishi vishwamitra too getting under his fascination powers. Ganesh is stating that before he spreads more he needs to confront me.


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