Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh continues reciting mantra while ravana races to finish his pee and likewise sandya vandan and ganesh continues disturbing ravana as he continues finishing individually chain of mantra reciting and at long last as the kid finishes his mantra reciting of all chains he is keeping the atma ling of prabhu on the ground and ravana sees and attempts to keep running back as quick as conceivable yelling the kid to not to keep on the ground but rather the bot at last keeps on the ground and ravana get fiercely irate however the atma ling is chosen the ground. Ravana demonstrates his displeasure by coming in his unique type of his eleven heads. He presently helps to remember his guarantee to his rani of bringing prabhu’s atma ling and he is attempting to lift the ling by his hands to take out from that ground however the kid tells ravana that you can’t take prabhu’s atma ling to lanka as ravana sees the kid revealing to him this he comprehends that it is ganesh itself who has played trap with me.

Ganesh comes in his structure and tells ravana this is the thing that your prabhu mahadev itself wished so kindly don’t give making a go the atma ling from the beginning is cautioning to you then too he is attempting to take out and prabhu mahadev is additionally astounded and mata gauri is likewise telling mahadev that ravana isn’t tuning in to ganesh and attempting to accomplish something incorrectly which will wreck the world so need to stop him.

Ravana is utilizing his entire being to cull the atma ling starting from the earliest stage ganesh at long last give his last cautioning no to attempt this or I need to plan something for stop you. Ravana tells ganesh that you just deceived me and fouled up play with me. Ganesh comes and demonstrates his unique structure with different heads around his head with indignation.

All divine beings are likewise shocked and talk inside themselves as ganesh has additionally being irritated and ravana isn’t tuning in to ganesh in this manner something damaging will occur.

Ravana is likewise difficult and needs to cull and take the ling to lanka. Ganesh kicks ravana by attempting to cull and gets pushed yet ravana challenges ganesh likewise by attempting to battle back with ganesh yet ganesh continues kicking and hitting ravana. Ganesh recounts ravana that whatever accounts of prabhu’s symbol’s you let me know were giving exercises of unadulterated commitment towards prabhu and not to ignore the quality given to you by endowments of prabhu yet you just itself are overlooking the exercises of prabhu showed you so what sort of aficionado you are is demonstrating your picture to prabhu likewise which he is seeing you. So ganesh advices ravana to leave for lanka now without this ling as ling is serenely settled.

Precap: Ganesh is advising ravana to leave for lanka yet ravana gets ready for war with ganesh and tells ganesh that he won’t leave without atma ling. Mahadev shivshankar is seeing this and saying such canny lover can’t comprehend what’s going on he is doing.


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