Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with mata lalita is explaining about how end of bhandasoor will happen but it is not the only motive of her to come here & also she is praising ganesh due to whom she is here.

Bhandasoor is talking about his fire evil created by him which is getting very eager for destruction to start. He is telling gurudev about the start of destruction from his fire evil will end mata’s powers.

All devi mata’s are giving signal by blowing shank as ganesh explains that mata lalita has created her women sena army for killing bhandasoor. Brahmadev & mahadev are saying she is showing how much powers she has as she creates shree chakra with all her women army of various floors having various kinds of devi women army’s while ganesh is giving details of this

to all gods. Final floor is of mata lalita where she sits. Ganesh is explaining all details of her new chakra created with all kinds of powers in it.
All gods & goddesses are very surprised & happy seeing this beautiful chakra created by mata.

Guru is telling bhandasoor that this sound of mata gives sign of war being declared so bhandasoor also says that I will too give my sign & he crates his fire evil in human form as he prays bhandasoor & bhnadasoor tells to declare war from our side too. All gods are talking about bhandasoor is also declaring while mata says to make him understand about this so yes says ganesh.

Mata lalita says now bhandasoor will understand with what powers he will face attack on him & mata orders her women army to attack.

Guru & bhandasoor are in trouble what this is happening as all birds are flying here how come so his son says that because may be after ending those women by us we have to give their bodies as food to them so guru says no as this is trouble towards us which mata has created to end us so to become alert telling bhandasoor. Bhandasoor’s son is telling guru why we are thinking so much on sign of a woman so he advises bhandasoor to release the evil created so that he will kill all of them & return. Bhandasoor is seeing his flag falling & he stops by throwing his weapon.

Ganesh & all gods are saying till now bhandasoor must have understood what powers are coming towards him. Bhandasoor is saying whatever happens I will not allow to destroy my ruling world. Bhandasoor & his sons are hearing a big shouting voice & his sons feel it must be our mata shouting so they all run towards their palace to see. Their mata’s are wondering how their tilak is converted into blood & their mangalsutra chains too break falling down feeling this is big trouble as bhnadasoor & his guru sees this talking that this is becoming more & more trouble for us.

All are praising mata parashakti.

Bhandasoor is planning to call his senapati & all his army for preparation & telling all to not to worry as I am ready to face them.

Mahadev is saying whoever tries to attack mata he will get his life finished.

All sons of bhandasoor are saying that single woman alone can’t fight with us so we can destroy her very easily but their one of son comes running telling that our informer has brought message that she is not alone & she is having three floor army rath along with her to fight with us so all are in confusion.

Ganesh says now bhandasoor will understand by attack of mata what happens.

Precap: Bhandasoor calls his other evils to fight against women army of mata. One of women mata tries to attack but he disappears saying it is not easy to attack on me.


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