Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with Ganesh is asking mata gauri what takes place in destiny & she tells haigree named asoor’s beginning. The haigree asoor is shifting on mountains everywhere & behaving very bizarre with weapon in his arms hitting in any respect places. He is likewise chanting a extraordinary mantra.

Ganesh is asking to mahadev what mantra he was chanting & mahadev tells him of mata parashakti mantra as in beyond many years returned he became a hit in making mata parashakti satisfied by his meditation & like everyone he additionally had most effective one want.

Mata parashakti immerges in the front of haigree announcing your meditation is completed so tell me what you wish then he prays & asks mata I wish to get purety from you but mata parashakti tells him that this can not accept to you as all people’s beginning is ultimately his loss of life additionally as that is human being lifestyles’s nature.

He tells mata parashakti that then he need to be killed handiest through haigree’s palms so supply me this boon so mata boons him leaving & he is happy with it as he says that now no one has a head like me so i will’t be killed so i’m able to rule on this world now & create havoc.

Mahadev tells ganesh that via this he became evil & began spreading his evil matters in global. All gods are disturbed & brahmadev knows this & is making an attempt to do something to forestall him but haigree stops brahmadev & tells him he’s booned & shows his intentions of his needs to sqeeze ved out of your hands. He sqeezes ved ebook from brahmadev’s fingers & brahmadev is stunned. Now brahmadev is angry & telling him that you have done crime through doing this & give returned the ved to me however haigree is announcing don’t worry because it may be secure with me & nobody can put off from me & keeps giggling even as leaving from there.

Ganesh is saying that ved is taken through haigree to carry manage in him which turned into occurring incorrect. Mahadev tells ganesh there was handiest one manner that Vishnu comes to the rescue to unfastened ved from haigree & vishnu is telling all gods that he’s going to deliver returned & will teach lesson to haigree.

Haigree is resting in his location luckily having ved in his custody.

Brahmadev is taking into consideration haigree the use of wrongly his boon given via him from parashakti.

Mata laxmi is thinking about curse given to Vishnu & feeling about what i get intuited of some thing abnormal goes to appear.

Haigree is feeling someone is making an attempt to catch me who’s it so feeling its Narayan he guesses.

Vishnu has come there to meet haigree & telling him to handover the ved. Haigree isn’t always listening to Vishnu as he tells him i can’t be killed through all people. however once more Vishnu is warning him to offer away ved however he isn’t always giving & instead trying to attack his garud’s neck by way of his weapon but Vishnu stops his weapon & throws away & the fight between the two starts through haigree challenging Vishnu prabhu with attacking their various weapons closer to every different. Haigree says that if you want conflict then war will appear & they keep attacking their guns for years & years.

All gods which include brahmadev are seeing this & questioning whilst the warfare will cease by killing haigree. a variety of years have took place for this war occurring say all gods but still no consequences & so when will it end.

Mata laxmi is also stunned by using this conflict nonetheless occurring for such a lot of years now. She is thinking of curse given to swami Vishnu & in hassle contemplating nothing to happen to her swami.

Precap: Mata laxmi is thinking nothing have to happen to my swami Vishnu due to my curse given to him by using mistake. Vishnu prabhu is taking relaxation from warfare as got worn-out however haigree keeps attacking & attacks a weapon which cuts vishnu prabhu’s neck.


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