Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mata laxmi is stating what can be normal from this bhandasoor of his abhorrent contemplations. Master holy person is stating that this malicious kid will do against what ganesh has shown him and will do insidious things and ganesh will never comprehend this behind him what he is doing. Ganesh in a difficult situation imagining that in the event that the kid abuses his forces, at that point inconvenience may emerged so supposing is it that I have done mix-up by offering life to bhandakumar? Ganesh at his granddad’s place and kartik sees him and telling mother father and all that ganesh is here itself and all are stating where were you for such a long time, So all are advising ganesh to eat nourishment as it is arranged so delicious as the main rights are yours to begin eating sustenance since all are hanging tight for nourishment.

Gauri mata and shivshankar are asking ganesh that what has happened and for what good reason you are not eating nourishment as in what contemplations would you say you are? Ganesh is stating yes there is one thing I wish to discuss then mahadev is advising ganesh that first to eat nourishment than we as a whole will talk. Truly says ganesh and he begins eating nourishment gradually. Kartik is chatting with ganesh yet at the same time all are eating nourishment and ganesh is in a tough situation believing that he needs to talk father mother at the most punctual. Presently all have completed sustenance so kartik advises ganesh to converse with dad mother now.

Ganesh is determining what unusual thinks have continued occurring with him since touched base here observing different peculiar pictures, cavern and likewise what occurred between that kid and him. Mahadev shivaShankar and mata gauri subsequent to tuning in to ganesh become calm and ganesh asking them what occurred so mahadev tells ganesh that you have done mix-up by not understanding and offered life to not excessively straightforward kid but rather really who is abhorrent and will be called as bhandasoor, hearing this all divine beings are paralyzed and the kid hears this sound and thinks inside himself that yes I am bhandasoor. Mahadev is telling ganesh he has tricked and made his introduction to the world by your assistance who will do damaging standard in this world as well as the whole brahmand. Ganesh is in a difficult situation supposing he has completed a major mix-up and now how fathom this asks mahadev. Ganesh is additionally soliciting what kind from brahmand you expressed then mata gauri tells ganesh that we are likewise powerless to help you as we also don’t have clear learning about this, at that point ganesh says in the event that father mother does not know the undercover information about this, at that point will’s identity knowing and who will take care of my this issue and mahadev spells prabhu haigree who is symbol of Narayan and mahadev recounts to the account of prabhu haigree.

Mata laxmi has prepared delightfully with all gems on her body and remaining before prabhu Vishnu however Vishnu is resting in cheerful disposition by shut eyes and mata is thinking why my prabhu grinning along these lines and isn’t getting pulled in by me and not seeing towards me as well, she additionally attempts by different ways yet futile. Presently mata blows up and yells irately to revile prabhu as he isn’t at all getting occupied to her and she offers shrap to prabhu the neck which couldn’t get redirected to see me will get isolated from your body and hearing this prabhu awakens and tells mata that I couldn’t consider you to be I was in my very own musings then mata is thinking about her shrap and begins crying what she has done this by giving incorrectly shrap to you prabhu.

Ganesh is conversing with dad mother about the how such sort of shrap can be given by mata laxmi to shri hari Narayan prabhu Vishnu and mata gauri answers that the control was in their grasp who is amazing in this world and prabhu Vishnu comprehended what’s going on occurred by mata laxmi so he supported mata and clarifies about missteps occurring without control which we ought to acknowledge that Vishnu advises to implore extreme ground-breaking mata i.e mata parashakti and the two of them supplicate her reciting mantra so she immerges and advises mata laxmi to overlook and clarifies the fundamental exercises of errors how it occurs.

Precap: Ganesh is asking mata gauri what occurs in future and she tells haigree named asoor’s introduction to the world. Ganesh is thinking who resembles haigree to look in this entire world.


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