Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with sisters praying to prabhu Vishnu, laxmi mata hears child crying & is confused,

A devi showing child holding & loving. Ravana & ganesh are talking about details of all history of Lord Vishnu.

Mahadev is searching Vishnu everywhere & prabhu Vishnu is getting rest by sisters to hold him under their clutches. Vishnu sleeps & sisters move around the palace & shouting guards & maids by getting scared.

Ravana explains ganesh about the 5 sisters who were clutching prabhu Vishnu.

Devi laxmi visits gauri mata for her problems to search prabhu Vishnu. Gauri mata thinks mahadev has arrived but gets surprised by seeing laxmi mata in trouble. Indar dev immerges & tells mata gauri & laxmi that they are unable to findVishnu prabhu. Mata tells them mahadev is searching.

Here 5 sisters run towards Vishnu & feels happy finding him safe.

Ganesh talks with Ravana & ravana tells mahadev is searching Vishnu all over places. Mahadev gets hint from a goat and says prabhu vishnu lives in me and i live in prabhu vishnu. Then i dont need to find him, i need to call him and he will respond soon. Ravana & ganesh keep talking about details of search & ganesh chants mantras & attachments of mahadev & Vishnu.

Mahadev gets in Samadhi thought of Vishnu. Vishnu suddenly wakes up by in-earth intuitions. He sees mahadev & feels all the powers with him & chants mahadev. The 5 Sisters see this & feels to stop mahadev from searching Vishnu prabhu.

Ganesh & Ravana keep talking about the details.

The 5 sisters encourage all sons of Vishnu prabhu to stop anybody to search Vishnu prabhu. Sisters are happy listening to them. Sons show their their powers to sisters by sword & arrow. The arrows are interrupted & returned back to all sisters feet by taking blessings of sons. All sons keep showing their powers to sisters.

Mahadev is looking at sea water & makes plans with different powers to get help off. Prabhu vishnu’s sons are shown taking pledge on agni fire to fight against anybody who comes near their father prabhu Vishnu.

Ganesh talks with Ravana about all this happening going ahead. Mahadev enters in to sea water in disguise of buffalo. Vishnu prabhu immediately feels mahadev’s jump in sea water and he gets confused.

Mahadev is flowing in water in search of Vishnu. Mahadev flows very fast to reach as early as possible.

The 5 sisters are getting confused seeing vishnu in confusion & standing from his place and they doubt mahadev is finding prabhu vishnu. the sisters get worried.

Vishnu prabhu feels getting attracted towards feeling powers. He starts walking from his place towards the door.

Precap: Mahadev keeps flowing & vishnu’s sons are shaken by powers, also Vishnu feels of something powerful is going to attack. Suddenly mahadev emerges as buffalo & brings himself in his original form.


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