Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with mata parashakti is talking with devi’s about bhandasoor trying to trick ganesh & bhandasoor is giving ganesh modak’s in aksha patra & ganesh is confused & bhandasoor is thinking now I will be successful in bringing mahadev too here. Duplicate bhandasoor is telling ganesh that please have modaks as you had told me you will keep eating till time I provide so please have it.
Devi’s are telling mata that see how he is misusing his powers towards prabhu ganesh this way so mata explains his “all keep happening” is kind of statement he is misusing so we have to do something. Devi’s are telling mata that order us what we have to do then mata appoint two devi’s for bhandasoor’s evils to destroy.
Bhandasoor’s mantri is calling

new evils for fighting towards devi army’s & he is explaining how powerful these evils are who are sitting on eagle’s & bhandasoor is telling mantri that they have all powers but they miss one power so he says I have to provide this mud smoke of ganehsji’ feet which will prevent them by attacks of devi army’s.
Devi’s are ready with their weapons to fight against the evils of bhandasoor. The evils are laughing loudly towards instigating devi army’s. Bhandasoor is saying that now my sindoor power will stop the army’s of devi & he says that my duplicate will keep busy ganeshji & by which no one can stop me to end devi army.
Ganesh is thinking I have to act fast or mata parashakti will get angry on me.
Bhandasoor is telling ganesh that why are you thinking so much so please have this modaks fast so ganesh is telling him that you are thinking wrong as this won’t make you successful.
All devi’s are seeing the evils using their powers which bhandasoor is providing them & are talking within themselves how to tackle them.
The evils are saying they are getting confused by our powers & are laughing while devi is saying the evils are creating this battlefield in smoke. Mantri is explaining bhandasoor about how the evils have the powers to destroy all these women army. The evil has created a tree & one of devi is telling them these trees will also get destroyed so they are challenging devi’s while she is saying you are fools.
Vishnu is saying isn’t this a new problem towards devi army’s erupting by the evils?
The evils are shooting their swords towards devi’s & say that they will kill all of you soon so devi says that now you will face my powers & she destroys their trees as well as their towers so they are shocked.
The evils are shooting their fire balls while devi is destroying it. She says see my power now & she picks their tower in her hands while they shoot their swords towards her & they keep fighting so devi takes mata’s parashakti’s name & throws the tower towards the evil while evil saves themselves. She is still attacking them but they are destroying her powers.

Devi is shooting her swords towards the evils but they are safe & she is thinking how come they are safe with my attack so they are saying that we had told we can’t be killed then she gets angry again trying to hit them & again she is in confusion thinking so she says now I will cut your head so she tries but they are are not affected so he says it is not possible for you to cut so what you will do now & how will you face us & bhandasoor is saying that thank you ganeshji that what I had wanted I have achieved & now devi’s will be busy fighting with the evils there. Ganesh is thinking saying this bhandasoor is doing such evil deeds that it will definitely end him finally.

Precap: The devi is saying they have taken mud of shri ganehsji on their body that’s why they are safe but they are fighting with the evils continuously.


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