Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Vighnaharta Ganesh 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Vighnaharta Ganesh full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The episode starts with mata kaal ratri saying ganesh and kartikeya, you both now know the secret to arunasura’s death, you tried to be smart with me but I am your mother and will always know what you are thinking. Ganesh giggles and says mata, now I have to go and convince father to take the brahmari form with mata, he, brahma dev and lord Vishnu have to take the form with mata adishakti. Ganesh then says brother, you go with mata kaal ratri at mata adishakti’s sabha, there you tell I will soon tell her the truth and don’t let them come soon to kailash. Kartikeya goes.

Mahadev says adishakti must be waiting for you at the sabha, she has to know the truth that you know. Ganesh says yes father but for mata to take her avatar, you have to help her and take the avatar of a lotus, brahma dev has to take the form of dirt and mud and lord Vishnu has to take the form of water, together you all have to be the seating for mata’s brahmari form. mahadev says no ganesh I cannot take the lotus form, because parvati has to do this herself. ganesh says why father?

you have helped mother till today in many of her avatars, you helped her then why not now? In the brhamari form, mata has to become the queen brahmari bee otherwise arunasura cannot be killed! Mahadev says okay ganesh, I shall be the lotus but you have to put me on the water. Mahadev closes his eyes and he takes the lotus avatar, ganesh picks the lotus and heads towards the pond.

Brahma dev is happy and excited as he watches ganesh take mahadev as the lotus. Saraswati thinks, swami you are very happy and excited watching mahadev take an avatar for mata adishakti, but you never have taken an avatar for me like mahadev?

Lord Vishnu also gets up and is happy. Laxmi thinks too that prabhu is so happy watching mahadev but he never did something like this for me. all tridev and tridevi go down.
Kartikeya there tells mata that now they should go to ganesh, he will tell her the entire plan. Adishakti and all goddesses go with kartikeya. Lord Vishnu there uses his powers and turns into pond water while brahma dev becomes the mud in the water, ganesh places the mahadev’s form lotus on the water.

Adishakti comes and ganesh says mata, father took the lotus form for you so that you sit on him and brahma dev and Vishnu dev have become the pond water. Ganesh tells arunasura can be killed if you take the queen brahmari bee form. adishakti understands and she comes near the pond and smiles looking at the lotus, adishakti takes the form of brahmari and says in this world, every living being is equal and none of them are filthy! All are my children and thus the avatar of brahmari bee marks that even the tiniest thing in the world can be of utmost importance! Adishakti takes her seat on mahadev and all goddesses do pranam to brahmari avatar.

Precap: Vighnaharta Ganesh 22 February 2019 Written Update Mata takes brahmari avatar and flies to arunasura to kill him. arunasura is in patal lok as he says to durgamasura, that he should go away as he is the king now.


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