Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with the evil dies & his friend is crying on his death while all evils are cursing devi & she kills more evils by her arrows. Ganesh & all gods are praising devi mata for killing the evil of bhandasoor.

Bhandasoor’s sons are laughing on evils death towards his friend & he gets angry by saying I will take revenge of this as I will kill all those women army of mata. Bhandasoor tells him to go & do the job of killing as he promises him he will.

The another evil comes challenging mata that I will kill all your women army & he attacks with his fire ball weapons & all women devi’s are telling mata that he has to answered back as mata gives permission to her another devi of having speed powers to shoot her weapon very fast.

Ganesh says she is very powerful having weapon speed powers to shoot.
Devi shoots her weapon saying your end is nearing with speed as to be alert.

All bhandasoors’s army are in confusion thinking this is terrible. Bhandasoor is ordering his mantri to go & inform him what is happening there.

The evil is saying I will definitely retaliate & he thinks bhandasoor’s army is shivering so I have to do something fast. Devi is telling him that you have no powers to challenge me but he says you have invited your destruction by retaliating but the powerful horses sent very fast by devi destroys all army of bhandasoor.

Bhandasoor stops his sons saying I will create another evil.

The evil fighting with devi is surprised by seeing the army destroyed by devi & he is confused.

Devi comes to tell the evil to go & inform your evil bhandasoor or you will also get killed like your friend while he pretends to cry but he tries shooting his fire weapon power towards devi by cutting her weapon so she is angry. Ganesh says the first evil tried to damage that devi’s cap so he was killed & this has broken her weapon so what will happen of him now.

The evil tells devi that I will stop you by trying to harm me so he runs towards her but he is fallen down on the ground by devi’s powers while all bhandasoor’s sons are shocked seeing this. Devi tells them that I am sparing your lives so go to tell your bhandasoor that he will get killed by us as his end is coming towards his doors.

Bhandasoor becomes wild while ganesh is praising devi who killed the evil of bhandasoor & he is also seeing that bhandasoor should learn from this & take blessings of mata now.

Bhandasoor says I am seeing only bright light of mata & also his sons who are coming running towards him from getting saved from devi’s attack. His mantri informs bhandasoor how evil was killed. Bhandasoor tells them to stop now as they are telling him that devi is coming towards us so he says that I also have one more option to face them which they must not have thought of. He creates two giant evils for fight with women army. Ganesh says bhandasoor was pre planned about mata arriving.

Both the evils come to bhandasoor as he orders them to kill them & eat them. They are showing their power by shouting & roaring.

Precap: Bhandasoor is showing his giant form while mata parashakti is ready with her powerful weapon & wild smoke coming out with mahadev also coming to fight against bhandasoor.


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