Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with ravana recounting to the tale of shani dev and rishi dadichi. Ravana says after the devils were following the weapons of the divine beings, the divine beings sent their weapons to be ensured by rishi dadichi, thus the weapons traveled to the ashram of rishi dadichi. Vidhwanshak pursued the weapons and ran with his military towards rishi dadichi’s ashram.

Ganesh and ravana stroll through the desert and the tornadoes increment. Ravana says no tornado can stop me now. Ganesh utilizes his forces, as ravana endeavors to prevent from tumbling down and relinquishing the aatma ling. Because of the tornado, ravana gets injured and is harmed yet he ensures the aatma ling. Ganesh sees his arrangement bombing so he utilizes his forces and stops all the tornadoes. Ravana thanks and afterward his wounds become spotless as his body progresses toward becoming clean of wounds from mahadev’s aatma ling. Ravana and ganesh proceed ahead.

Ravana says the weapons went to rishi dadichi and rishi dadichi comprehended what was going on. Gradually every one of the weapons of the divine beings began mentioning rishi dadichi to acknowledge them as his care rudra mala. Indra dev’s Vajra says I am devraj indra’s weapon, it would be ideal if you acknowledge me. Dadichi acknowledges weapon, and it transforms into a rudra mala in dadichi’s neck. Dadichi gains its forces. The evil spirits troopers and vidhwanshak walk forward. Dadichi gradually begins tolerating every one of the weapons of the considerable number of divine beings, as they transform into the rudra mala around dadichi’s neck.

Ganesh mediates to prevent vidhwanshak from achieving the ashram. Ganesh takes structure and makes his clones and encompasses vidhwanshak. Vidhwanshak assaults ganesh, however ganesh utilizes his hatchet and together all clones assault on vidhwanshak who has an extreme time guarding himself.

Shani dev watches from a slope and says rishi dadichi, presently soon my vision gaze will perform its responsibility, you should pay for the karma you did in your last life.

Rishi dadichi acknowledges every one of the weapons of the considerable number of divine beings and vidhwanshak watches this and is furious. He says no, this can’t occur I need each one of those weapons. The evil spirit officers attempt to achieve quicker to the ashram of rishi dadichi.

All divine beings come and battle the warriors to wand them off the ashram. Ganesh traps vidhwanshak.

Ravana says along these lines rishi dadichi took all weapons of divine beings and acknowledged them as the rudraskh mala of mahadev around his neck. Ganesh says what did shani dev do? Ravana says shani dev was inspired in light of the fact that he was a supporter of mahadev, however shani dev’s vision of gaze can’t guard anybody! So rishi dadichi will undoubtedly languish over his previous existence sins and karma as soon indra dev would accompany the divine beings to rishi dadichi’s ashram for an immense support, that would likewise check the introduction of mahadev’s first symbol, Piplath.

Precap Upcoming Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode Update: Indra dev approaches rishi dadichi for his powder. Dadichi leaves the ashram with the divine beings. Devi suvarna brings forth piplath yet is compelled to surrender him.


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