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The episode starts with ravana telling the tale of shani dev and rishi dadichi. Ravana says after the demons have been following the weapons of the gods, the gods sent their weapons to be protected by using rishi dadichi, and so the guns flew to the ashram of rishi dadichi. Vidhwanshak observed the weapons and went together with his navy toward rishi dadichi’s ashram.

Ganesh and ravana walk via the barren region and the tornadoes increase. Ravana says no tornado can forestall me now. Ganesh makes use of his powers, as ravana tries to prevent from falling down and letting cross of the aatma ling. because of the tornado, ravana gets harm and is injured but he protects the aatma ling. Ganesh sees his plan failing so he makes use of his powers and forestalls all of the tornadoes. Ravana thanks and then his accidents grow to be clean as his body turns into smooth of wounds from mahadev’s aatma ling. Ravana and ganesh keep in advance.

Ravana says the weapons went to rishi dadichi and rishi dadichi understood what became occurring. Slowly all the guns of the gods began asking for rishi dadichi to simply accept them as his safekeeping rudra mala. Indra dev’s Vajra says i am devraj indra’s weapon, please receive me. Dadichi accepts weapon, and it turns into a rudra mala in dadichi’s neck. Dadichi profits its powers. The demons infantrymen and vidhwanshak march forward. Dadichi slowly starts offevolved accepting all of the guns of all of the gods, as they turn into the rudra mala round dadichi’s neck.

Ganesh intervenes to stop vidhwanshak from reaching the ashram. Ganesh takes form and creates his clones and surrounds vidhwanshak. Vidhwanshak attacks ganesh, however ganesh uses his axe and collectively all clones attack on vidhwanshak who has a tough time defending himself.

Shani dev watches from a hill and says rishi dadichi, now soon my vision stare will do its responsibility, you will need to pay for the karma you did to your ultimate lifestyles.

Rishi dadichi accepts all the weapons of all the gods and vidhwanshak watches this and is indignant. He says no, this can’t take place I need all those guns. The demon soldiers try to reach faster to the ashram of rishi dadichi.

All gods come and combat the soldiers to wand them off the ashram. Ganesh hints vidhwanshak.
Ravana says this way rishi dadichi took all guns of gods and prevalent them because the rudraskh mala of mahadev round his neck. Ganesh says what did shani dev do? Ravana says shani dev turned into inspired because he was a disciple of mahadev, however shani dev’s vision of stare can not keep all and sundry safe! So rishi dadichi turned into bound to suffer for his past life sins and karma as soon indra dev could come with the gods to rishi dadichi’s ashram for a big choose, that would additionally mark the start of mahadev’s first avatar, Piplath.

Precap: Indra dev asks rishi dadichi for his ashes. Dadichi leaves the ashram with the gods. Devi suvarna gives birth to piplath but is compelled to abandon him.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25 April 2019
Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th April 2019
Vighnaharta Ganesh 25 April
Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th April


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