Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with bhandasoor’s son tells him that evil has gone so try to plan attack but he is telling him that it is time for me to have food.

Mata Lalita is telling ganesh that he has to get some time to think what he has to do as is he able for my attack or my forgiveness.

Bhandasoor’s son is calling him but he is having food while his mata is telling him do not disturb him as he is having food.

Bhandasoor is thinking always that mata is coming if front of my eyes why is so that so I have to think how to attack.

His son is becoming very eager to meet his father bhandasoor but his brother stops him.

Bhandasoor’s guru comes to meet him & tells him that your heart is not stable so you have to calm your heart so he asks him that who is this devi who is my enemy so help be to describe her to make my heart silent. Guru is explaining him about mata parashakti who cannot be described in words who is so powerful through which we are having life from her. Bhandasoor is moving towards his mohini as she gets scared by him so he tries to pick the paan she was offering while her plate falls getting scared with him. Bhandasoor is asking the way I picked this paan so is it her powers to me so guru says yes as we are breathing because of her so bhandasoor understands that to fight with her we have to get powers from her so it is possible we can’t defeat her & guru says that it is impossible to defeat her. So bhandasoor says that because of that I am that evil who can make impossible into possible so give me solution how to defeat devi then guru tells him to forget defeating devi then bhandasoor says that it might be this mohini too who can have that power so I have to end mohini then tell me guru what I should do seeing towards mohini & mohini creates attacking form towards bhandasoor & hits him with knife, later mohini also gets surprised how did this happen while bhandasoor is also saying that mohini also tried attacking me with all such powers then guru tells him that devi mata can take mohini’s form also to kill you.

Guru explains bhandasoor how devi mata got married with mahadev’s form then bhanadasoor smiles saying that I had said that I can make impossible into possibility to defeat devi mata parashakti. Guru says that inspite of you getting all knowledge of her powers then too how you think to try fighting & defeating her then bhandasoor is telling him that you have given me the path itself then guru says how is that I have given you way then he says that prabhu mahashiv itself is my way to fight with devi mata parashakti.

Mata parashakti feels that bhandasoor will think at this level I never thought.

Guru tells him how you know who is prabhu mahashiv then bhandasoor tells him he is my mentor so I will make him to set himself here in my place with all my devotion & doing meditation for him which I can do to fight against devi mata. Guru tells him that again this will be interrupted by somebody who won’t allow to do this then bhandasoor asks who so guru tells him none other than vignaharta shri ganesh who has given you birth so bhandasoor says than I will first make ganeshji set over here.

Mata parashakti tells ganesh that bhandasoor is saying he will try meditation for you to make you set at his place then ganesh says this is not possible as he has no powers to do this & I will never go there at all.

Guru tells bhandasoor that ganeshji also won’t come to your help to set here.

Precap: Bhandasoor is showing his giant form while mata parashakti is ready with her powerful weapon & from wild smoke coming out is mahadev also to fight against bhandasoor.


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