Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Durgamasura praying to mata nimavat. He says mata provide me an answer, mayasura could be very effective and his maya can affect me too. How do I keep myself from that maya? assist me mata. Mata offers durgamasura a crown and says wear this crown whilst you meet mayasura, the crown holds the power to keep away mayasura’s maya from affecting the one who wears the crown. Durgamasura is satisfied and he says thank you mata for guiding me, i’m your disciple. Mata says evil demon, you’ll go through, you forced me to do that that is why I helped you however take into account something you will do, you are going to be killed with the aid of mata adishakti.

Ganesh and kartikeya enter the cave and by then durgamasura disappears and has gone. Ganesh and kartikeya come to the big hearth kund and ganesh says it’s miles mata, kartikeya sees mata in the fire having tears. Kartikeya says mata, why are you crying? What came about mother? Mata cries and ganesh says calm down mom. What took place? Mata says sons, i’m the ansh and energy of adishakti but because of this evil durgamasura, i’m compelled to tell him ways to defeat my own self, this is a conflict between me and adishakti which makes me unhappy. Durgamasura has long past to deliver mayasura, mayasura is a very effective demon so powerful that even brahma dev couldn’t be stored from his maya. Ganesh says what? Mata tells the tale.

In flashback, as brahma dev and devi saraswati pondered for years. Brahma dev’s meditation brought about the start of a demon mayasura who grew in brahma lok. Mayasura stands earlier than brahma dev and saraswati. Brahma dev says who are you son? What do you need? Why have you ever come right here? mayasura says i am your son, your meditation brought about my delivery. Brahma dev and saraswati are glad. Mayasura says I don’t understand whatever, you tell me who are you? brahma dev says son, i am brahma dev and she or he is devi saraswati. i am one of the 3 tridev and the reciter and author of this universe. Mayasura all of sudden makes use of his powers and impacts brahma dev together with his maya.

Brahma dev then begins proudly pronouncing, i’m brahma dev and you’re my son. i’m one in all three tridev, the other 2 are Mahadev who is living in Kailash and Lord Vishnu who lives in vaiktunh dham. Brahma dev says i am superior than the both of them, what do they even do? They both simply keep sitting, mahadev meditates and Vishnu dev sits with devi laxmi and does nothing. I do all of the paintings and write and recite of this universe. Saraswati is bowled over and says what has took place to brahma dev? She then plays a track of the sitar and mayasura’s demonic power is lifted from brahma dev. Brahma dev receives irritated and says you have got been born now and also you used your maya on me and made me say towards mahadev and Vishnu dev, so I call you Mayasura henceforth and that i banish you from brahma lok, you shall no longer stay right here. mayasura laughs.

Mata tells Ganesh and kartikeya, this way mayasura became sent away from Brahma lok, I cant believe what is going to occur while durgamasura and measure come collectively. They each could be very effective. Ganesh says Mata don’t fear, now we won’t allow durgamasura to force you to provide advantages.

Durgamasura reaches mayasura’s palace. He wears the crown and goes interior and meets mayasura, he hugs him and says, my friend, I want your assistance.

Precap: Durgamasura tells mayasura to head and convey harmless Nag’s to the cave, even gods and that adishakti can’t harm the harmless cobras and pass ahead.


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