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The episode begins with tamsik mata performing. Her divya light is so shiny that durgamasura is not able to see. Tamsik mata says before I gave you advices but now I shall kill you. tamsik mata is going and kicks durgamasura, she ties a rope round his neck and drags him. durgamasura says mata, what are you doing? i’m your param bhakt and you informed me to do the Pooja and that i did it with all sacrifice, no person can defeat me. tamsik mata brings durgamasura to the cave and he says why am I back right here? mata I had finished the 54 crore sacrifice then how did it not paintings? Tamsik mata brings durgamasura lower back to the battlefield and says you did now not complete the Pooja and sacrifice. Durgamasura thinks however how did the Pooja not be whole? I did the sacrifice. Mata says fool, you did the sacrifice but did now not
realize a easy thing that earlier than any Pooja, it’s far necessary to do the Pooja of Pratham Pujya Ganesh ji. Tamsik mata says you probably did not do his Pooja and as a substitute he took lambodar avatar and helped you whole your sacrifice. Tamsik mata says evil demon, before I couldn’t kill you because you had been forcing me to bless you as you had been my disciple. Tamsik mata says today i’m able to kill you, you’ll realize the way it feels like forcing a person in pain, she brings him at a rock and begins banging durgamasura’s head at the rock as he bleeds. Kartikeya says these days durgamasura will get the punishment of all his sins. Tamsik mata beats durgamasura and says nowadays you will want to die but dying will run far from you. durgamasura’s head is driven inside the floor and as he suffocates from no air, durgamasura shivers and finally leaves his breath. Durgamasura receives up and begins guffawing. Ganesh says evil demon, don’t snort like this at least now and don’t make your loss of life even extra painful. Durgamasura says close up kid, nobody can defeat me and kill me, nowadays this devi will die now not me. mata adishakti gts angry. Durgamasura says nobody can defeat me due to the fact there may be no person here who has now not blinked their eyes for years.
Brahma dev’s blessing to durgamasura is shown as he asks for a blessing wherein a girl who has not blinked her eyes for years can handiest kill him. on the battlefield, tamsik mata goes again inside adishakti’s form. Devi adishakti shines along with her divya light and takes her trishul. Durgamasura is blinded via the blindness after which he sees adishakti with the trishul on her lion. it’s miles about to be sundown and indra dev says this demon is wasting time. Durgamasura takes the form of a bull and runs towards adishakti, her lion runs in the direction of durgamasura and pounces on the bull shape and throws him away toward adishakti. Durgamasura is in ache and he is taking lower back his shape. Durgamasura is scared as he sees his dying and adishakti takes trishul to kill durgamasura. Durgamasura sees the solar is ready to set and he steps lower back. adishakti hits durgamasura together with her gadha and he is thrown back. adishakti says see demon, i am in my divya shape in the front of you. adishakti takes her divya shape with all hands and guns. All gods do pranam. durgamasura suggests all his arms and his powerful demon form, he says I did my Pooja and feature those powers devi, you can not kill me. adishakti says all this however nevertheless you haven’t let go off your ego, you’re positive to die durgamasura. Adishakti receives irritated and her 64 yogini devi’s seem and start eating all the demon infantrymen and their guns. Durgamasura is bowled over.
Adishakti takes her lion and hits durgamasura together with her gadha. Durgamasura falls down and adishakti keeps her leg on durgamasura and says durgamasura your end is close to, nowadays study my Durga shape! i’m able to launch you from your wretched life as you saved on insulting and defying women but you’ll see death today. Adishakti takes her trishul and places it in durgamasura’s neck, he screams and dies. Lord Vishnu and brahma dev seem. All gods do pranam to devi adishakti. anybody do jai maa durga. Yamraj seems to take the soul of durgamasura, adishakti remains irritated and he or she says do not step beforehand yamraj. Yamraj says I came here just to take the soul of this demon mata. Yamraj steps returned.
Adishakti places the trishul further inside the frame of durgamasura and her anger will increase. Kartikeya says we must calm mom down. Ganesh begins singing to adishakti a prayer to calm her down, all gods pray. Adishakti’s anger slowly starts calming down. Adishakti’s anger calms down in the end and she takes away her trishul. each person do jai mata durga, the gods thank mata and all her one of a kind avatars and the styles of yogini devi’s. the gods pray and sing a prayer for adishakti and her forms. Adishakti smiles and blesses all people. Mahadev appears too.

Precap Upcoming Vighnaharta Ganesh episode update: The gods are in Kailash. Parvati is reuniting with mahadev. Ganesh says whenever there has been a fest or birthday celebration in Kailash, a trouble has arisen. Ganesh says will someone come this time too and bring a trouble?


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