Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Indra dev sees no other alternative of stopping vridhasura so he is going to rishi dwasht with all gods to make an apology. Rishi dwasht is meditating and indra dev begins on foot round rishi dwasht praying to him to relax his anger. Rishi dwasht opens his eyes and prevents indra dev, he says you don’t need to express regret devraj. Indra dev says rishi var, i’m very ashamed of what i’ve completed and sorry that I killed your son rishi vishwaroop however now vridhasura has taken to the destruction of the universe and he has to stopped. Rishi dwasht says yes devraj. Vridhasura has started out engulfing the universe in his clouds of darkness and if he completes the round the entire universe will go all the time into darkness and no one could be able to forestall it. Indra dev says then we have to keep the universe.
Ravana says indra dev, the gods and rishi dwasht went to brahma dev but after brahma dev did now not have any solution, they went to lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu endorse the gods that to forestall vridhasura, they should take the help of rishi dadichi because rishi dadichi had taken the weapons of all gods and as a result only he has the strength to defeat vridhasura. Lord Vishnu says rishi dadichi’s ashes can make an impressive weapon as it additionally has the powers of the weapons of all gods, this weapon will kill vridhasura. Indra dev says how do we ask rishi dadichi to sacrifice himself for his ashes? Lord Vishnu says it’s far the best manner. The gods and rishi dwasht visit rishi dadichi.
in the ashram, rishi dadichi is worked up with devi suvarna for the birth of mahadev as their son. The gods and rishi dwasht come inside the ashram and rishi dadichi welcomes them, he sees the silent face of all gods and says what has occurred? Devraj why have you come here? Indra dev says rishi dadichi, I don’t realize how to ask this help from you, however the universe is at hazard as vridhasura has started out engulfing it within the clouds of his darkness and if he completes the round, no one can bring again the universe as it will be destroyed. As they speak, the earth turns darkish and dark ashes begin raining. Rishi dadichi says what’s this rain of darkness?
Indra dev says sure rishi dadichi, to prevent vridhasura we need your ashes, you need to sacrifice your lifestyles on your ashes. Rishi dadichi is in shock because the gods are sad. Rishi dadichi walks inner his hut as he sees his wife resting, he wakes her up. Devi suvarna says what took place swami? Rishi dadichi tells her that he has to keep the universe because best his ashes could make a weapon which could kill vridhasura, but he wanted to look his son when he become born and he did no longer recognize whether or not to call him son or prabhu! but he desired to look him a final time. Devi suvarna is shocked and says no swami, you cannot depart me and our son, you can not do this! Devi suvarna cries, rishi says it’s far essential for me to head now. Rishi dadichi looks at devi suvarna’s stomach and says prabhu, I need to peer my son once before I die. The belly glows and rishi dadichi sees the form of Piplath, rishi dadichi has tears and he thank you mahadev! Rishi dadichi then is going with the gods. Devi suvarna cries and unexpectedly her belly pains, suvarna sits at the bed and says my son is coming. Devi suvarna screams in pain.
outdoor, rishi dadichi sits in the front of the shiv ling and begins praying. All gods and rishi dwasht watch. Rishi dadichi prays and he turns to ashes, in the hut devi suvarna gives delivery to Piplath, the first avatar of mahadev. All gods and rishi dwasht watch as they do pranam.
Precap: Piplath sits for meditation and he sees how his father died due to the stare of shani dev, how his family was taken away. Piplath says shani dev, I shall take revenge for what you did.


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