Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with Vishnu prabhu getting tired with the aid of doing struggle & additionally haigree too but nonetheless they’re taking pictures their weapons towards each different.

All gods & mata laxmi is likewise seeing this that they both are getting tired & mata laxmi is wondering not anything bizarre ought to appear of my curse to my swami Vishnu because of getting worn-out & also lacking his target too.

Hiagree is thinking that if in any respect i get worn-out I ought to maintain attacking.

Gods are wondering that due to the fact seven years have surpassed without any outcomes & Vishnu prabhu is getting tired so what to do?

Haigree is praying mata parashakti for boon & she offers him.

Brahmadev is thinking that because of his boon of mata parashakti he is able to fight strongly nonetheless & can not be killed.


is telling Vishnu to go & take relaxation as i will also rest for some time & he goes in his den.
All gods are thinking how Vishnu prabhu were given worn-out & all gods such as brahmadev are praying mata parashakti to get assist for Vishnu prabhu.

Laxmi mata is in hassle thinking about her curse given to swami Vishnu & she is taking into account mata parashkati had defined her about her curse & getting thinking about it.

A small fly goes in the direction of Vishnu prabhu & cuts the neck via the pinnacle falling down. Laxmi mata gets in pain about what this has occurred due to her curse & crying constantly with the aid of praying mata parashakti that to assist her & asking her what purpose is at the back of this incident now.

Mata is telling her there’s some other purpose at the back of this which comes on the right time. Mata parashakti is consoling laxmi mata that to no longer to fear as that is occurring for precise purpose itself as it’s miles due to the fact the purpose is killing of evil haigree.

Mata parashakti advising brahmadev to maintain this Vishnu’s head in his hands, which receives converted into haigree like head, to hold on Vishnu prabhu’s frame. Brahmadev is taking the top of horse like haigree to keep it on Vishnu prabhu’s body to look like haigree to kill haigree.

All gods & mata paravati, mata laxmi are seeing this & getting happy that Vishnu prabhu receives up freshly.

Mata parashakti is blessing Vishnu prabhu through new head planted on his body & gets prepared once more. Vishnu is praising mata parashakti.

Haigree has woken up hearing his praising voice & happy through this & contemplating prabhu Vishnu is likewise has emerge as helpless. Haigree walks out of his den pretty facing & thinking that what’s it in the front of him & feels it is this of whom all are praising & now not me. Now haigree is in hassle questioning this isn’t always possible as no one can kill me & keeps giggling.

Haigree is telling Narayan how you could suppose you’ll, with the aid of taking my sort of shape, kill me so this is not feasible as you’re forgetting that consisting of boon i have ved powers with me to stand you. Vishnu is telling haigree that ved powers guide them who takes true care & use of it so evil like you may take ved strength in you however nor you may use that or digest.

Vishnu prabhu assaults by means of his sudarshna chakra & destroys haigree’s weapon & his chakra actions beforehand to kill haigree but haigree stops the chakra by his arms & all gods are amazed. Vishnu is pronouncing now that is cease of haigree.

Haigree remains maintaining the chakra & pronouncing no energy can kill me & Vishnu is saying nonetheless you are having the mindset as you’re thinking you’re powerful so you will be killed & the chakra forces its powers & cuts haigree’s neck & he is killed getting his head falling down.

All gods & mata’s are happy seeing haigree killed.

Vishnu prabhu takes ved from his custody through his powers & washes out all evil thru him.

Mata parashakti is announcing haigree may be remembered & blessed as prabhu giving know-how of ved & all gods are glad.

Vishnu prabhu is available in his authentic shape & haigree hands over the ved in palms of brahmadev.

Gauri mata is telling ganesh about prabhu haigree appearing his duties in a village giving expertise of ved to humans. Ganesh says i will go to prabhu haigree & take recommendation from him.

Precap: Ganesh is attaining at haigree’s area for getting information & advice to address bhandasoor. Prabhu hiagree is giving info to ganesh.


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