Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mata parashakti immerges before haigree saying your reflection is done so reveal to me what you wish then he implores and asks mata I wish to get purety from you however mata parashakti discloses to him this can’t be given to you as anyone’s introduction to the world is at last his demise likewise as this is individual life’s tendency. He tells mata parashakti that then he should be executed uniquely by haigree’s hands so give me this aid so mata helps him leaving and he is content with it as he says that now no one has a head like me so I can’t be murdered so I can run in this world now and make ruin.

Mahadev tells ganesh that by this he wound up insidiousness and began spreading his detestable things in world. All divine beings are exasperates and brahmadev comprehends this and is attempting to plan something for stop him yet haigree stops brahmadev and reveals to him he is booned and demonstrates his expectations of his desires to sqeeze ved from your hands. He sqeezes ved book from brahmadev’s hands and brahmadev is paralyzed. Presently brahmadev is furious and revealing to him that you have done wrongdoing by doing this and give back the ved to me yet haigree is stating don’t stress as it will be protected with me and no one can detract from me and continues giggling while at the same time leaving from that point.

Ganesh is stating that ved is taken by haigree to acquire control him which was going on wrong. Mahadev tells ganesh there was just a single way that Vishnu acts the hero to free ved from haigree and vishnu is telling all divine beings that he will bring back and will instruct exercise to haigree. Haigree is resting in his place joyfully having ved in his guardianship. Brahmadev is considering haigree utilizing wrongly his help given by him from parashakti. Mata laxmi is considering condemnation given to Vishnu and feeling about what I am getting intuited of something odd will occur. Haigree is feeling someone is attempting to get me who is it so feeling its Narayan he presumes.

Vishnu has come there to meet haigree and guiding him to handover the ved. Haigree isn’t tuning in to Vishnu as he reveals to him I can’t be executed by anyone. Yet, again Vishnu is cautioning him to give away ved however he isn’t giving and rather attempting to assault his garud’s neck by his weapon yet Vishnu stops his weapon and discards and the battle between the two starts by haigree testing Vishnu prabhu with assaulting their different weapons towards one another. Haigree says that in the event that you need war, at that point war will happen and they continue assaulting their weapons for a considerable length of time and years.

All divine beings including brahmadev are seeing this and thinking when the war will end by slaughtering haigree. A great deal of years have occurred for this war going on state all divine beings yet at the same time no outcomes and so when will it end. Mata laxmi is likewise staggered by this war as yet continuing for such a significant number of years now. She is considering condemnation given to swami Vishnu and in a difficult situation considering nothing to happen to her swami.

Precap: Mata laxmi is figuring nothing ought to happen to my swami Vishnu because of my revile given to him accidentally. Vishnu prabhu is accepting rest from war as got drained however haigree continues assaulting and assaults a weapon which cuts vishnu prabhu’s neck.


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