Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahadev is looking through Vishnu wherever and prabhu Vishnu is getting rest by sisters to hold him under their grasp. Vishnu dozes and sisters move around the royal residence and yelling monitors and house keepers by getting terrified. Ravana clarifies ganesh about the 5 sisters who were grasping prabhu Vishnu. Devi laxmi visits gauri mata for her issues to look prabhu Vishnu. Gauri mata thinks mahadev has arrived yet gets astounded by observing laxmi mata stuck in an unfortunate situation. Indar dev immerges and tells mata gauri and laxmi that they can’t discover

Vishnu prabhu. Mata lets them know mahadev is looking. Here 5 sisters keep running towards Vishnu and feels cheerful discovering him safe. Ganesh converses with Ravana and ravana tells mahadev is looking through Vishnu all over spots. Mahadev gets insight from a goat and says prabhu vishnu lives in me and I live in prabhu vishnu. At that point I dont need to discover him, I have to call him and he will react soon. Ravana and ganesh continue discussing subtleties of inquiry and ganesh drones mantras and connections of mahadev and Vishnu.

Mahadev gets in Samadhi thought of Vishnu. Vishnu abruptly awakens by in-earth instincts. He sees mahadev and feels every one of the forces with him and serenades mahadev. The 5 Sisters see this and feels to prevent mahadev from looking through Vishnu prabhu. Ganesh and Ravana continue discussing the subtleties.

The 5 sisters support all children of Vishnu prabhu to stop anyone to look through Vishnu prabhu. Sisters are glad tuning in to them. Children demonstrate their forces to sisters by sword and bolt. The bolts are intruded on and returned back to all sisters feet by taking favors of children. All children continue demonstrating their forces to sisters.

Mahadev is seeing ocean water and makes arrangements with various forces to get help off. Prabhu vishnu’s children are demonstrated taking vow on agni fire to battle against anyone who draws close to their dad prabhu Vishnu.

Ganesh chats with Ravana pretty much such a lot of happening proceeding. Mahadev enters in to ocean water in camouflage of bison. Vishnu prabhu quickly feels mahadev’s hop in ocean water and he gets confounded.

Mahadev is streaming in water looking for Vishnu. Mahadev streams exceptionally quick to reach as right on time as could reasonably be expected.

The 5 sisters are getting confounded seeing vishnu in perplexity and remaining from his place and they question mahadev is discovering prabhu vishnu. the sisters get stressed.

Vishnu prabhu feels getting pulled in towards inclination powers. He begins strolling from his place towards the entryway.

Precap: Mahadev continues streaming and vishnu’s children are shaken by forces, additionally Vishnu feels of something ground-breaking is going to assault. All of a sudden mahadev rises as bison and acquires himself his unique structure.


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