Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with devi army’s are fighting with the evils & the evils are attacking all devi’s & devi’s are retaliating with their powers.
Bhandasoor is telling ganesh that till time you are here there won’t be any disturbance in my meditation of yagna & I will be successful to bring mahadev too. Ganesh is in confusion.
Bhandasoor doing yanga says that process has started & these devi’s will be killed by the evils while I will be bale to bring mahadev.
Devi’s are fighting with the evils as they are taking mata parashakti’s name & throwing them with their full powers while devi is asking mata parashakti what kind of evils are these that we also cannot kill them so please show us the path. Devi’s understand saying they have

taken mud cover of shri ganesh’s feet that’s why we cannot kill them. Vishnu is saying ganesh’s feet mud have made the evils strong.
Bhandasoor is seeing ganesh & thinking if i have done anything wrong as ganesh seems angry on me. Ganesh is thinking devi mata will definitely kill the evils with destroying their mud cover.
The evils are saying we cannot be killed. Devi’s are talking that we have to wash out their cover so asking help from devraj indra to do his work fast & rains come pouring on the evils to wash mud cover but kartik is confused saying why the mud cover is not getting washed of ganesh.
All sons of bhandasoor are saying that they had full faith on devi’s but they are failing. The evil is saying you can’t do this as you do not have the powers to wash. Mata is calling all gods to help this to happen.
Bhnadasoor is saying theses devi’s will fall in trouble as I complete my procession. Devi is saying that inspite you have taken mud of ganesh but you won’t be successful in your evil deeds.
Mata parashkati is using her powers to was out all mud cover from the evil’s bodies & the evils are confused thinking we will fall in trouble if ganehsji’s mud gets washed. Bhandasoor is also feeling trouble.
The evils mud is washed & are getting angry with this so devi shouts to attack as your powers are washed now.
Bhandasoor is saying this is impossible to happen while ganesh says that I had told that you won’t be successful what you have earned by tricks & evil deeds so bhandasoor replies that i will be successful.
Ganesh is saying whatever he is doing is wrong but I have to keep blessing him so bhandasoor says I had told you I will succeed & the evils are getting safe with other powers.
Bhandasoor says devi’s thought the evils have lost powers but I have again made them safe & devi’s will be confused.
Nandi is saying what kind of light is this by which mata’s powers are blocked & ganesh is also saying the same thing.
Bhandasoor says this is my power of sun god which will affect devi’s & ganesh understands this that mata will be affected by this so duplicate bhandasoor is explaining ganesh that it is being acquired by sun god doing meditation.
The evils are meditating for sun god & sun god immerges asking what you wish from me so they ask powerful light by which nothing can be seen by anybody so he boons.
The evils are saying that whoever will come in front of us will be melted with our light powers while all gods are shocked & sun god sees this getting shocked that they are using my given powers itself towards mata’s. The evils are telling mata’s that you all will be killed by this powers of light. So devi’s are asking help from mata parashakti so mata explains all of them of light which can be controlled with ease so they understand & mata tells them the time has come now so they attack the evils.

Precap: Selected devi of mata parashakti gets in her powerful form with her tiger & cuts evils heads while bhandasoor is shocked.


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