Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

All gods pray to rishi dadichi thanking him for sacrificing his existence. Rishi dwasht takes the skeleton of dadichi and says now this skeleton shall be made right into a weapon. Devi suvarna leaves her new born son under a tree as she says, son i am compelled to depart you right here however I must go to swami dadichi, to your father. Suvarna cries however she leaves.
As all gods go. Shani dev enters the ashram and looks at the sandals of rishi dadichi and he recollects how honorable rishi dadichi changed into, shani dev says rishi dadichi you surely proved me incorrect and also you handled my imaginative and prescient bravely! you have inspired me with the aid of sacrificing your self for the sake of the universe. Shani dev then says thank you rishi var, I shall constantly be thankful to you on your sacrifice and that i shall take this as a lesson that there may be people such as you who could bravely face my power of vision. Shani dev takes dadichi blessing by touching his sandal after which shani dev makes a image on his trishul weapon and says this shall usually ring a bell in me of you rishi dadichi, of your honor! Shani dev goes.
The gods meet rishi Brihaspati and ask for guidance. Brihaspati says we ought to use our powers together on this skeleton of rishi dadichi because it needs to be melted to be molded into a effective weapon that could kill vridhasura. Brihaspati, rishi dwasht and all gods use their powers on the skeleton.
There vridhasura begins engulfing all planets and is ready to finish the spherical of the universe.
Chandra dev suffers as he shivers, at the same time as vridhasura engulfs the moon. Chandra dev tells the gods, it’s far happening because of vridhasura, he is pulling the moon inside him. Chandra dev suddenly receives pulled too as vridhasura gulps him down.
Indra dev seems and he says to vridhasura, fight me now vridhasura! Your reason changed into to kill me proper? i’m here, fight me and go away the universe. Vridhasura says you are very late indra dev, now i will kill you and this universe too. Vridhasura assaults indra dev, even as indra dev defends and fights.
There the gods use their powers and soften the skeleton, hence flowing it right into a mold to make a effective weapon. Rishi brishaspati says, we must make the weapon quickly earlier than vridhasura engulfs the universe.
Ravana tells ganesh, as this all passed off, mahadev who was born as a new infant became left on my own via his mom too. Mahadev who was always gift for all his disciples became left by myself with out everybody by way of his facet. Ravana says so mata adishakti, the mom of all and the universe heard the cries of the new child infant, mahadev’s avatar! She went to take care of the toddler.
Adishakti is going and he or she picks the kid as he cries. Adishakti says due to your divya tej, I shall name you Piplath as you have been also stored beneath a Peepal tree. Adishakti uses her electricity and drops some milk at the tree because it grows right into a massive peepal tree. Adishakti says tree, i have brought all the nutrition in your leaves and from now you shall take care of Piplath until he grows up a child. Lord Vishnu indicates his face from the tree and says I shall responsibly cope with piplath and do my obligation.
Precap: Piplath grows up a kid and meditates as he says shani dev, I wont forgive you for what you did to my mother and father. My father died and mom left me!


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