Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with the devi shouts creating her giant form to stop the huge light & mata’s devi besides her is telling her that devi has stopped this light also now so mata explains her of the light what it gives us the lessons so devi who has stopped thelight understands & she does what is signaled by mata.
Vishnu & laxmi are happy seeing this while mahadev, kartik & parvati mata too feel glad.
Bhandasoor’s mantri is saying this devi looks very giant while she says now see how our end nears & she sits on her tiger rath as the evils are challenging her again & she is telling them I will kill you as you tried to misuse mahadev’s weapon so I will kill you with this weapon itself & bhandasoor is feeling this is going to kill them & sheshoots the weapons hitting them all & she says you will go in the darkness by ending your lives. She is attacking them & cuts their heads as all gods, mata, ganesh are happy praying mata tiraskarni who killed them. Bhandasoor is angry & all his sons with mantri is also shocked. He is thinking now my yagna is also might get disturbed.
Ganesh tells him I had told you you won’t be successful so accept your defeat & plead mata parashakti but he says may be now I am defeated but I will do my yagna completion & will win with your blessings. He is doing yagna.
Ganesh is telling him that when end comes then nobody can be saved so you are inviting your end. So bhandasoor is telling ganesh you are there with me then nobody can harm me & I will keep giving you modak’s by which I can achieve my goal.
Mata parvati is feeling trouble towards ganesh & thinks something has to be done to stop this,
Ganesh tells bhandasoor that you won’t be successful anyway as today you are defeated by devi’s & tomorrow mata parashakti will defeat killing you. Bhandasoor is feeling angry thinking I have to do something very fast.
Devi’s pray mata parashakti while mata tells them all three of you have shown great powerful talent to succeed this task & all people will do your pooja’s in future by knowing your achievement. They are saying it is because of you we have got this appreciation so please give us the opportunity to do pooja for you so she allows them.
Bhandasoor is unstable thinking how should I keep myself cool if all this has happened & what should I do. He is talking within himself that how come you could not destroy women’s or take them in your control as you have powers to control them & he is getting disturbed in himself thinking what should i do to fight towards mata’s army.
Bhandasoor is getting so much disturbed in which he hears voice & searches who is there & a child tells him where are you seeing as I am here & he sees a girl child coming towards him & he gets emotional as she calls him father telling her name as rapniprabha & she tells her I am mohini & your daughter & he is surprised as he becomes very emotional. His daughter is asking has anything is lost because you seem to be in trouble so he says no as I am happy you are here & I have come in light now so she tells him that when i asked about you to mata then she told me you are a very big bhandasoor king & you have mahadev’s boon so I came to search you while I heard your voice & came here so I found you & he hugs her.
Mata parashakti is feeling glad while devi is saying all arrangements are done for mata’s Pooja & now we have to start. Devi is feeling something weird smell coming while bhandasoor’s woman is thinking to tell bhandasoor about mata parashakti’s Pooja arrangements to start process.

Precap: Bhandasoor’s daughter is asking ganesh what is this happening so ganesh tells her it is mata’s Pooja process to start so she tells ganesh I also want to see. Bhandasoor is telling his woman to go & bring disturbance in mata parashakti’s Pooja. Bhandasoor’s daughter is running towards mata parashakti’s Pooja process.


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