Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with tamsik mata appearing. Her divya light is so bright that durgamasura is not able to see. Tamsik mata says before I gave you advices but now I shall kill you. tamsik mata goes and kicks durgamasura, she ties a rope around his neck and drags him. durgamasura says mata, what are you doing? I am your param bhakt and you told me to do the Pooja and I did it with all sacrifice, no one can defeat me. tamsik mata brings durgamasura to the cave and he says why am I back here? mata I had completed the 54 crore sacrifice then how did it not work? Tamsik mata brings durgamasura back to the battlefield and says you did not complete the Pooja and sacrifice. Durgamasura thinks but how did the Pooja not be complete?

I did the sacrifice. Mata says fool, you did the sacrifice but did not know a simple thing that before any Pooja, it is necessary to do the Pooja of Pratham Pujya Ganesh ji. Tamsik mata says you did not do his Pooja and rather he took lambodar avatar and helped you complete your sacrifice. Tamsik mata says evil demon, before I could not kill you because you were forcing me to bless you as you were my disciple. Tamsik mata says today I will kill you, you will know how it feels like forcing someone in pain, she brings him at a rock and starts banging durgamasura’s head on the rock as he bleeds. Kartikeya says today durgamasura will get the punishment of all his sins. Tamsik mata beats durgamasura and says today you will want to die but death will run away from you. durgamasura’s head is pushed inside the ground and as he suffocates from no air, durgamasura shivers and finally leaves his breath. Durgamasura gets up and starts laughing. Ganesh says evil demon, don’t laugh like this at least now and don’t make your death even more painful. Durgamasura says shut up kid, no one can defeat me and kill me, today this devi will die not me. mata adishakti gts angry. Durgamasura says no one can defeat me because there is no one here who has not blinked their eyes for years.

Brahma dev’s blessing to durgamasura is shown as he asks for a blessing where a woman who has not blinked her eyes for years can only kill him. on the battlefield, tamsik mata goes back inside adishakti’s form. Devi adishakti shines with her divya light and takes her trishul. Durgamasura is blinded by the blindness and then he sees adishakti with the trishul on her lion. It is about to be sunset and indra dev says this demon is wasting time. Durgamasura takes the form of a bull and runs towards adishakti, her lion runs towards durgamasura and pounces on the bull form and throws him away towards adishakti. Durgamasura is in pain and he takes back his form. Durgamasura is scared as he sees his death and adishakti takes trishul to kill durgamasura. Durgamasura sees the sun is about to set and he steps back. adishakti hits durgamasura with her gadha and he is thrown back. adishakti says see demon, I am in my divya form in front of you. adishakti takes her divya form with all hands and weapons. All gods do pranam. durgamasura shows all his hands and his powerful demon form, he says I did my Pooja and have these powers devi, you cannot kill me. adishakti says all this but still you haven’t let go off your ego, you are sure to die durgamasura. Adishakti gets angry and her 64 yogini devi’s appear and start eating all the demon soldiers and their weapons. Durgamasura is shocked.

Adishakti takes her lion and hits durgamasura with her gadha. Durgamasura falls down and adishakti keeps her leg on durgamasura and says durgamasura your end is near, today look at my Durga form! I will release you from your wretched life as you kept on insulting and defying women but you will see death today. Adishakti takes her trishul and puts it in durgamasura’s neck, he screams and dies. Lord Vishnu and brahma dev appear. All gods do pranam to devi adishakti. Everyone do jai maa durga. Yamraj appears to take the soul of durgamasura, adishakti is still angry and she says do not step ahead yamraj. Yamraj says I came here just to take the soul of this demon mata. Yamraj steps back.

Adishakti puts the trishul further inside the body of durgamasura and her anger increases. Kartikeya says we have to calm mother down. Ganesh starts singing to adishakti a prayer to calm her down, all gods pray. Adishakti’s anger slowly starts calming down. Adishakti’s anger calms down finally and she takes away her trishul. Everyone do jai mata durga, the gods thank mata and all her different avatars and the forms of yogini devi’s. the gods pray and sing a prayer for adishakti and her forms. Adishakti smiles and blesses everyone. Mahadev appears too.

Precap: The gods are in Kailash. Parvati is reuniting with mahadev. Ganesh says whenever there has been a fest or celebration in Kailash, a problem has arisen. Ganesh says will someone come this time too and bring a problem?


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