Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vishnu prabhui is getting feeling of somebody arriving. Sisters are conversing with prabhu Vishnu. All of a sudden entryway opens and Vishnu prabhu sees wild ox coming inside the room of royal residence where Vishnu prabhu arranged, with children grips. Sisters are befuddled and mahadev in camouflage of wild ox is shocked seeing lady’s around prabhu Vishnu. Children disclose to sisters about how he has brought here by us in our grasp. They reveal to them this wild ox can’t enable us however mahadev utilized this intend to go close prabhu Vishnu. Mahadev is amazed hearing this discussions inside them and getting confounded that Vishnu has overlooked everything and can’t recollect me as well?

Sisters are furious with this to bring wild ox here as they were frightened about this only.Mahadev by his forces discharges his grasp and Vishnu instructs him to come in your unique status. Mahadev drones mantra and immerges in his unique structure. All are amazed and shocked.Vishnu prabhu sees mahadev recollects that him and says “shiv”.

Mahadev drones mantra and chats with vishnu prabhu and guides him to remind him.Sisters are frightened and stunned and Vishnu prabhu tells mahadev that he recollects that him and acclaims about his present status yet says that still he is obscure about you. Mahadev is stunned hearing this yet sisters and children are happy.Vishnu prabhu argues sorry with mahadev because of wrongly taking care of you by my children.

He is additionally regarded by mahadev’s essence here and will be given all sort of appropriate cordiality and on the off chance that desire to proceed with his movement ahead, at that point my children will help and give him full direction with all regards. Mahadev falls in perplexity that Vishnu prabhu has still not recollected that him. Vishnu prabhu orders his children to regard mahadev and give him appropriate accommodation here and takes authorization by mahadev to go to his room.

Ganesh is conversing with ravana and mushakji. Sisters argue mahadev and respect him. They recount about story and their relations with prabhu Vishnu now.They reveal to him that they all rights on prabhu Vishnu and no one including you can remove him from us as he is our childrens father as well so you better withdraw from here.Mahadev keeps very and immerges Gauri devi by his forces. All sisters are staggered and curve down before devi to argue. Devi discloses to them he won’t meddle and let me know so I will connect with mahadev.

Gauri devi begins accusing sisters and what kind foul play is going on with Laxmi devi due to you.Your deeds are improper and still you have sufficient energy to atone for it. Children meddle for assistance to their moms yet mahadev gets irritated firmly and children are scared.Gauri devi imply that war may take turn on this.

All sisters get too obstinate and answer to devi that you and mahadev can’t remove our prabhu Vishnu from us in light of the fact that mahadev attempted this before however he was grasped by our children so you likewise can attempt if at all war happens we are not apprehensive. Gauri devi gets horrible furious and curses them and difficulties them against their children. All sister acknowledge the test.

Ganesh keeps talking tale about this with ravana. All children prepare to battle with mahadev in camouflage of wild ox. They set up their military as well. They are empowering wild ox’s annoyance by their talks.Buffalo responds with inward solid forces to engage every one of them. The entire armed force is demolished and just children are disregarded. Sisters are upbeat seeing this.Sons prepare to shoot their forces.

Precap: Vishnu prabhu gets irritated by the war. Mahadev slaughters children of Vishnu and Vishnu prabhu comes before mahadev to challenge war with him and mahadev acknowledges challenge against wishes.


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