Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Haigree is advising Vishnu to go and accept rest as I will likewise rest for some time and he goes in his cave. All divine beings are thinking how Vishnu prabhu got drained and all divine beings including brahmadev are supplicating mata parashakti to get help for Vishnu prabhu. Laxmi mata is in a tough situation pondering her revile given to swami Vishnu and she is considering mata parashkati had clarified her about her revile and getting vexed contemplating it. A little fly is going towards Vishnu prabhu and cuts the neck by the head tumbling down. Laxmi mata gets in agony about what this has happened as a result of her revile and crying consistently by asking mata parashakti that to help her and asking her what reason is behind this occurrence now.

Mata is advising her there is some other purpose for this which comes at the opportune time. Mata parashakti is comforting laxmi mata that to not to stress as this is occurring for good purpose itself as it is on the grounds that the reason is slaughtering of fiendishness haigree. Mata parashakti encouraging brahmadev to grasp this present Vishnu’s head, which gets changed over into haigree like head, to keep on Vishnu prabhu’s body. Brahmadev is taking the head of pony like haigree to keep it on Vishnu prabhu’s body to look like haigree to execute haigree. All divine beings and mata paravati, mata laxmi are seeing this and getting cheerful that Vishnu prabhu gets up newly.

Mata parashakti is favoring Vishnu prabhu by new head planted on his body and prepares once more. Vishnu is applauding mata parashakti. Haigree has woken up hearing his applauding voice and upbeat by this and considering prabhu Vishnu is likewise has turned out to be powerless. Haigree leaves his lair shockingly confronting and believing that what is it before him and feels it is this of whom all are commending and not me. Presently haigree is in a tough situation figuring this is absurd as no one can murder me and continues giggling.

Haigree is revealing to Narayan how you could figure you will, by taking my sort of structure, murder me so this is beyond the realm of imagination as you are overlooking that including help I have ved powers with me to confront you. Vishnu is telling haigree that ved forces bolster them who takes great consideration and utilization of it so insidious like you can take ved control in you however nor you can utilize that or digest. Vishnu prabhu assaults by his sudarshna chakra and wrecks haigree’s weapon and his chakra pushes forward to slaughter haigree however haigree stops the chakra by his hands and all divine beings are astonished. Vishnu is stating now this is end of haigree. Haigree is as yet holding the chakra and saying no power can murder me and Vishnu is stating still you are having the frame of mind as you are suspecting you are incredible so you will be slaughtered and the chakra powers its forces and cuts haigree’s neck and he is executed getting his head tumbling down.

All divine beings and mata’s are cheerful seeing haigree executed. Vishnu prabhu takes ved from his authority by his forces and washes out all insidiousness through him. Mata parashakti is stating haigree will be recollected and favored as prabhu giving learning of ved and all divine beings are upbeat. Vishnu prabhu comes in his unique structure and haigree hands over the ved in hands of brahmadev. Gauri mata is enlightening ganesh regarding prabhu haigree playing out his obligations in a town giving learning of ved to individuals. Ganesh says I will go to prabhu haigree and accept exhortation from him.

Precap: Ganesh is coming to at haigree’s place for getting information and counsel to handle bhandasoor. Prabhu hiagree is offering subtleties to ganesh.


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