Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vishnu prabhu leaves royal residence to battle with mahadev. Mahadev and Vishnu face one another and Vishnu tells mahadev that you have slaughtered every one of my children so now you need to battle with me for me to deliver retribution of their murdering. Mahadev acknowledges however against his desires from heart. All sisters are certain Vishnu prabhu will crush mahadev and will turn into our own eternity.

Ravana is conversing with ganesh about the occurrences occurring between mahadev and Vishnu prabhu in light of 5 sisters and discussion about moral considerations and deeds as well.

Before the war begins and assaults from prabhu Vishnu they talk at long last about whatever occurred before this. Mahadev attempts to clarify Vishnu prabhu about wrong musings and wrong surroundings around him yet futile and Vishnu prabhu stops mahadev by further talking.

All sisters are considering happening to be per their desires and are glad to deliver retribution of their children passings.

Mahadev thinks inside himself to caution Vishnu prabhu in any case and begins playing his damru before assault.

Vishnu prabhu goes in past musings gradually by the voice of damru. Sisters are confounded. Mahadev continues playing damru. Sisters are imploring prabhu Vishnu to not to get pulled in towards damru of mahadev and to deliver retribution of our children.

Prabhu Vishnu begins blowing mouth shank with all the while to stop mahadev’s damru voice.

Mahadev and Vishnu prabhu continue playing with their instruments towards one another by assaulting of hints of both the instruments against one another. The sounds reverberates around the entire world and brahmand domain. All divine beings are stunned and foresee the finish of entire world.

Laxmi mata is likewise befuddled by hearing the voice of damru. Gauri mata is additionally confounded and predicts that sisters to acknowledge their misstep and free Vishnu prabhu from their grip.

The sounds continues reverberating and influencing all sisters by their immense voices. They are getting their acknowledgment of their error by these sounds and saying inside themselves that mahadev and Vishnu prabhu are really same and battling ownself just and not one another.

Precap: Vishnu prabhu and Mahadev shoot their weapons towards one another. Gauri mata advices to sisters to not hold on to acknowledge their mix-up and free Vishnu prabhu from your grip.


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