Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ganesh is looking prabhu haigree and seeing a wide range of trees. clean nature with creatures around in the method for wilderness and feeling unadulterated. Ganesh is likewise in a difficult situation thinking where is prabhu haigree’s ashram place. Ganesh is moving and discovering trouble in looking haigree yet can just hear reciting mantra. Ganesh helps information to remember gauri mata given to him how to scan so ganesh sits for reflection to make haigree know where he is. Prabhu haigree arrives and ganesh is seeing prabhu haigree in front him and supplicates hiagree. The two of them meet each other and haigree is inviting ganesh telling ganesh he has comprehended your concern for which you have come here to think about it. Ganesh is asking haigree consistently different inquiries yet haigree advises ganesh to try to avoid panicking and takes ganesh along to demonstrate lake and gives information about it.

Ganesh is talking about with prabhu haigree. Ganesh is likewise getting some information about mata parashakti and haigree advises ganesh to recite mantra of mata parashakti to make your heart quiet. Ganesh drones mantra and haigree feels now your heart is quiet. Haigree tells ganesh ask what answers you wish to get now about your inquiries. Haigree changes his structure and ganesh thanks haigree of his unique structure and poses his inquiries and haigree is giving ganesh learning pretty much all divine beings, people, ravan, parshuram in this brahmand of their life’s morals and their structures. Ganesh is asking what he saw was a piece of brahmand itself and yes says haigree and likewise informs ganesh that you are too regarding this piece of brahmand and ganesh is astonished to hear this. The insidious birth of asoors like bahndasoor occurs in this brahmand when all others are ordinarily conceived. Haigree is additionally giving learning of prabhu Vishnu’s battle with such fiendishness births to end like ravan as well. Ganesh is getting some information about mata parashakti.

Mata parashakti comes before ganesh and they supplicate her and likewise haigree is clarifying about mata parashakti’s forces over all mata’s and additionally gives information of mata on account of whom you saw those three shades of malice in your faculties. Ganesh is asking who those three indecencies were and haigree tells about those three disasters are isolated fiendishness structures who has taken in three separate births as you saw with kuberji in light of the fact that they were brought into the world because of kuberji’s childishness itself.

Kuber is appreciating all adornments around him and extremely upbeat and pulled in, supposing him as ground-breaking. Kuberji sees skeleton before him. As he ventures on the adornments he helps to remember his mix-up done wrongly in his demeanor by him making a wickedness. The wickedness is telling kuber that this is mine as you have brought me from this adornments. Kuber is yelling the malicious skeleton to leave because of this isn’t mine as this is people groups riches under my standard which is under my authority.

Precap: All three wrongs are pondering to give every one of their forces in bhandasoor. Ganesh is considering devastating those forces to get bhandasoor from his three disasters and to quit getting to be him incredible.


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