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The episode begins with all of the tree evils are meditating of “om namah shivay” & ganesh is asking prabhu haigree they’re meditating so immensely however what they were given with the aid of this as they wanted to be blessed but such evils do no longer get this so haigree replies yes as they did no longer got those blessings boon but mahadev became glad by using their meditation & he blessed him via boon to get achievement in their paintings. Ganesh is familiar with this of benefits of mahadev due to which they gained towards kuber too. but ganesh is calling about mata parvati & mahadev shivshankar as final goddess & gods of this global, how could they try this mistake of giving beginning to such an evils. Haigree is telling about mata parashakti who is final to try this & she simplest is aware of the cause behind this as she is ultimate

powerful mata with the aid of which she sees mistakes done then by using us against our behavior past manage then we need to receive this that that is punishment given through mata parashakti. Haigree is telling ganesh that you have also achieved mistake & ganesh asks how so prabhu tells ganesh that like those 3 evils your mistake changed into of bhandkumar method bhnadasoor so ganesh is reminding about it.
All there evils are seeing bhandasoor meditating. & satisfied via his purpose getting executed so they’re speaking about they also should do their work now & laughing inside themselves.

Haigree is telling ganesh that the birth given by way of you to bhandasoor is sort of strongest mistake by using which all different evils like hirnakashya, tadkasoor, mahisasoor, mayasoor, durgamasoor are not anything in opposition to this bhandasoor as he might be the strongest evil in all evils. If all beyond, present & destiny evils come together then too this bhandasoor can be strongest, smartest & biggest evil in this global way stop of this international.

Ganesh is shocked & in mind hearing after this.

Hiagree is telling he will unfold all his evil now not on this global but in entire empire through ruling as terror if you want to hold on growing. He will be the enemy of non secular, top human beings to unfold his evil in them. Ganesh is reminding of all what has occurred with him even as delivered in lifestyles.

Haigree is explaining ganesh about what he used to mention like “ some of these happens is adequate” by way of creating all his evil what he desires like what he done with you.

Ganesh is in beyond mind.

Haigree is telling ganesh with a purpose to be successful in his evil motive from exceptionally evils & by using attaining this he will additionally hide in such an area in which he can’t be placed & he becomes a strongest ruler of darkness author by which no mild will are available international’s lives & powerful like me, you & all gods we will be helpless to combat his evil electricity to be able to be already created in entire empire.

Now ganesh is questioning & asking i was doing such large mistake however how ought to I no longer recognize this so haigree telling that this may also resolved by using mata prashakti’s powers itself as she will most effective remedy this.

Ganesh is familiar with this from haigree that may be mata parashakti became trying to make me realise & to invite for her assist so please assist me in this asks haigree & i’m able to do whatever to stop these evils. Haigree is telling ganesh that to this bhandasoor evil is having simplest three assor powers in him right now however he will attempt to reap all different three powers from the ones 3 evils which you need to prevent to end up him strongest evil in this empire. So ganesh says i can simply do this to forestall the ones evil powers to enter in him via my all manner & haigree leaves while ganesh praying him.

Ganesh is feeling disturbed with the aid of talking with prabhu haigree as very big mistake befell through him however with out losing time I need to search those three evils & give up them.

Ganesh goes in the direction of bhandasoor but kartik comes going for walks calling him as to come back fast because all gods need you as a big hassle has come on them due to anyone has stolen their essential powerful jewels & additionally taken away different powerful items with him.

One evil is below his darkish cave fortunately laughing pronouncing i have done this jewel & will hold safe here most effective now.

Kartik is asking who it must be & the way to locate him who has stolen & ganesh seeing marks of steps he’s reminding some thing & is aware & tells kartik that he is one of those three evils who has stolen.

Ganesh is explaining kartik of those evils.

The egocentric asoor is talking inside him about the evil power with a view to be created by using the assist of this jewel & make bhandasoor stronger by using this strength.

Ganesh understands & tells kartik that he is selfish asoor who has performed this & kartik is saying if it’s far utilized by him evilly then wrong will appear in this global so should search urgently those jewels & location lower back to its original place but ganesh is telling kartik of in which to discover him now do no longer understand but wherein to call him can be carried out as the vicinity might be kuberji’s raj bhavan.

Ganesh calls mushakji & gives mission to bhandasoor that i will now not permit your evils to make you more powerful. Ganesh & kartik pass together to their purpose to gain.

The egocentric evil is speaking with him in his darkish cave.

Ganesh & kartik has reached kuberji’s raj bhavan & he prays ganeshji & kartik. Kuber is looking ganesh how come you here so ganesh is telling kuber to throw open all his doors of wealth. Kuber is questioning & asking if I heard wrong however ganesh is telling kuber that I want to trap hold of selfish asoor. Kuber is thinking & ganesh is asking kuber as you’re already conscious so tells kuber about that evil. but kuber is telling ganesh that by commencing the doorways wealth will fall in trouble so ganesh replies it is anyway in problem itself now too as any thief steals a simple jewel then he’s going to actually come to thieve your different wealth too. Kuber is telling ganesh that sorry but i’m able to’t obey your orders in this case.

Precap: The selfish evil attacks ganesh via his powers but ganesh destroys it by means of his powers.


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